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Vinyl Click Flooring Allure Hybrid-HDF "Hasel Oak"

  • Vinyl Click Flooring Allure Hybrid-HDF "Hasel Oak"

Allure Hybrid-HDF "Hasel Oak"

  • Suitable for castor wheel chairs (Home and office)
  • Extremely resistant (Wear Class 23/33/41)
  • An authentic oak design with a true surface finish
  • Sound proof (16dB)
Delivery Charges
£20.00 per order
Delivery Time
7-10 working days
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£56.16 per package incl. VAT
correspond to £36.95 per m²
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Product characteristics: Allure Hybrid-HDF "Hasel Oak"

Style Greyish/Whitewashed, Light Wood
Commercial Use Yes
backing High Density Fibreboard
Surface Finish Polyurethane Coating (PUR)
Total weight 14.900g/m²
Wear Layer 0.4mm
Dimensional Stability 0.05%
Fastness to Light 7/8
Total Thickness 10mm
Planks/Tiles per Pack 6 Planks = 1.52 m²
Burning Behaviour Bfl-s1
Impact Noise Reduction ca.16dB
Thermal Insulation Resistance 0.09m²K/W
Installation System Click System
Slip Resistance R9
Composition High Densit

Product features

Allure Hybrid-HDF Vinyl-Laminate collection is a faithful reproduction of an authentic, rustic wooden floor.  Containing all the styles already available in the Hybrid Loc Collection, it introduces a range of new styles into the mix.  Ranging from a bright, Nordic, fresh oak, to strong browns and elegant greys, right up to the darker end of the spectrum.  All in all, you have a wide range of colours to choose from, and you are sure to find one that will matche your tastes.  Great attention has been paid by Allure to recreating the subtle textures and grains of a true wooden floor, making it virtually impossible to distinguish between a vinyl-laminate floor from Allure, and a real wooden floor.  Authentic designs and a full bodied structure successfully walk the fine line between a designer floor and a hardwood floor.  Suitable for installation in virtually all areas, made possible by a Wear Class of 23, 33, and 41.  Allure Hybrid-HDF Vinyl-Laminate can be even installed in industrial areas with a light footfall without fear of damage.  The surface is protected from marks and scratches due to it 0.4mm strong wear layer, treated with a PUV coating.  Allure Hybrid-HDF Vinyl-Laminate is also suitable for castor wheeled chairs, meaning that it can also be installed in offices.  Equipped with the latest developments in click installation, Allure Hybrid-HDF Vinyl-Laminate can be installed even by a complete novice.  Allure Hybrid-Loc is the perfect Vinly Laminate floor for people who are looking for an authentic wooden floor, with the technical features to back it up.


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