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  • width available: 4m, 5m

AW Canopus "39" carpet BRICOFLOR UK

AW Canopus "39"

Associated Weavers
  • 14 natural colours
  • 35 dB sound absorption
  • can be used with underfloor heating
  • the yarn is resistant to fading
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£29.50 per order
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7-10 working days
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£99.80 per linear metre incl. VAT
correspond to £24.95 per m²

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Product characteristics: AW Canopus "39"

backing FusionBac
Construction Curly Velour
Total Weight 2400 g/m²
Width Available 4m, 5m
Pile Weight 1690 g/m²
Total Thickness 14 mm
Gauge 1/8
Thermal Resistance 0,140 m²C°/W
Usage Domestic
Pile Height 11,5 mm
Impact Noise Reduction 35 dB
Tuft Density 141750 /m²
Pile Material 100% Solution Dyed Polyolefin (SDO)

Product features

With 14 natural colours to choose from, the carpet collection Canopus by Associated Weavers reveals itself as a true all-rounder. Despite being very luxurious (luxury class 5), this resilient carpet easily withstand everyday wear and tear. How? The use of premium materials makes the difference! Due to a special dye technology (Solution Dyed), the yarn is resistant to fading, making sure that the carpet will keep its natural colours for many years to come. In addition to that, the slightly irregular and somewhat mottled surface makes stains hard to spot, keeping maintenance to a minimum. Since the carpet features FusionBac, a resilient textile backing, it is suitable for medium domestic use and can be installed in most areas of the home, like living rooms, kitchens, hallways and even stairs. To maximise comfort in your home, Canopus can be used with underfloor heating and features a 35 dB sound absorption, succeeding in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any room.

At BRICOFLOR, we know that choosing a carpet is not easy. We, therefore, offer a free sample service, enabling you to see and compare the different colours before deciding on your favourite one.

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