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  • minimum order quantity: 6 Package

Balterio Fortissimo "065 Eiche Raccoon"

  • Balterio Fortissimo "139 Etna Oak"

Balterio Fortissimo "139 Etna Oak"

  • lifetime warranty - a maximum of 33 years in the living area
  • PressXpress® locking system
  • thickness of 12 millimetres
  • revolving micro V-groove
Delivery Charges
£20.00 per order
Delivery Time
12-14 working days
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£37.28 per package incl. VAT
correspond to £25.95 per m²
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Product characteristics: Balterio Fortissimo "139 Etna Oak"

Minimum Order 6
Style Cottage finish
Wood Look Oak
Colouring Brown
Design Medium wood
Amount per Box 6 Planks = 1.44 m²
dimensions 1257 x 190.5mm
Total Thickness 12mm
Total Weight 10 013g/m²
Bevel Circumferential bevel (V-4)
Fire Behaviour Cfl-s1 (B1)

Product features

Simply strong: The laminate Fortissimo made by the manufacturer Balterio is, as the name suggests, the strongest laminate around. It has been specifically designed to be used in more labour intensive areas and is extremely abrasion resistant with a thickness of 12 millimetres . With its suitability for living, kitchen and the commercial spaces, Fortissimo is an innovative floor for nearly all applications and features enjoyable safeguards such as its lifetime warranty - a maximum of 33 years  in the living area and 15 years in commercial/ business area). The model in oak wood finish is available for purchase in eight versions, ranging in colour variants from bright supernatural to earth tones. All variants have the dimensions 1257 x 190.5 x 12 mm. Thanks to its unobtrusive revolving micro V-groove, Balterio manages to highlight the floorboards effect of this model more and proves with its special True to Nature-production process.  The present product will force you with its strikingly authentic grain, to look twice! Even environmental enthusiasts will get their moneys worth, because this laminate has been made from sustainable forests, but was also awarded with the Blue Angel environmental certificate. If you think that there is another floor that can beat the house of Balterio, you are mistaken. Balterio offers with its  installation the innovative, PressXpress® which is  a method that is easy and quick to implement, because all you have to do is simply press one laminate into the other and the floor will lay itself like a jigsaw puzzle.


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