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  • minimum order quantity: 6 Package

Balterio Urban Tile "113 Concrete Terra"

  • Balterio Urban Tile "113 Concrete Terra"

Balterio Urban Tile "113 Concrete Terra"

  • 25-year warranty in the living area
  • True Concrete Structure
  • dimensions 1192 x 392.5 x 8 mm
  • highest quality
Delivery Charges
£20.00 per order
Delivery Time
12-14 working days
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£41.15 per package incl. VAT
correspond to £21.99 per m²
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Product characteristics: Balterio Urban Tile "113 Concrete Terra"

Minimum Order 6
Style Tile
Colouring Grey
Design Natural stone
Amount per Box 4 Tiles = 1.8714m²
dimensions 1192 x 392.5mm
Total Thickness 8mm
Bevel Circumferential bevel (V-4)

Product features

Urban Tile, a city tile at its finest. If you do not yet know what this tile aims to do, that's not bad thing, because Balterio have the best tile in their new laminate collection from what is a very recent trend! The Urban Tile blends clean modern furnishings with rustic culture of the industrial age. Currently, there are some of the earlier much needed warehouses and empty business premises and should and will be transformed by clever buyers who will convert these old spaces to beautiful living spaces specifically to living or working spaces. The Urban Tile laminate from Balterio is made exactly for these reasons, for it provides with its strikingly authentic True Concrete Structure, a look that is reminiscent of the relief of natural stones – it has been manufactured  to impart an industrial warehouse feel  with an equally treated flooring which resembles that of polished concrete! The tiles with the dimensions 1192 x 392.5 x 8 mm have incidentally, a very special highlight, because you can use the sister-model of the Urban Tile, Urban Wood ,which, when laid  together gives your home an extra dimension that you never could have envisioned. The laminate is suitable for commercial as well as for use in kitchens and in residential spaces; combined in its designs, all colours will come is a variant which will suit every customer. The stone decor Terra is available in four versions, two of which are bright (Ivory and quartz) and two dark (concrete and basalt) were tinted. Decide today for this characterful laminate with the legendary 25-year warranty in the living area!


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