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Everything you need to know about floors & walls.

  • Wallpaper: 10 Trendy Collections

    10 Trendy WallpapersNo more lifeless or ugly wallpapers! The wallpaper has adapted to all our favorite trends and becomes a major asset of the interior decoration. A well-chosen wallpaper is enough to transform a room, offering a different atmosphere! Discover all the styles of wallpapers not to be missed this year, the must-have of the season and the timeless wallpapers, for a classic decoration, cheap and above all really trendy! Graphic, surprising and classic wallpapers are out!

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  • How To Choose My Fortelock Garage Tiles?

    How To ChooseWant to renovate your garage floor? BRICOFLOR offers you a simple and fast solution: Fortelock garage LVT tiles. Combining design and technical performance, this floor adapts in one click to all supports and all uses. But among the different ranges, which one to choose? BRICOFLOR is there to enlighten you! Continue reading

  • How To Choose My Laminate Floor?

    Parquet stratifié Tarkett Lamin'art 832 Laminate Tarkett Lamin'art 832

    Choosing your flooring can be complicated and stressful when you have little knowledge of DIY. What are the laminate floors that meet the criteria I am looking for? How to reconcile price, quality and simplicity? So many questions that require simple answers! That is why, BRICOFLOR has put together an article filled with advice and technical information to help you choose your laminate flooring.

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  • Waterproof Floors For My Bathroom

    Agrob Buchtal Construct "3090-B700HK light grey" (60 x 60 cm) Agrob Buchtal Construct "3090-B700HK light grey" (60 x 60 cm)

    Are you having problems choosing a floor suitable for a damp room? We present you the necessary solutions to reach your goal!

    It is sometimes difficult to find a floor that is resistant to water and moisture. Indeed, we like to personalise as much as possible our rooms, our living room, kitchen ... But how to do when it comes to a bathroom? Continue reading

  • Engineered Wood Flooring - Frequently Asked Questions

    Tarkett-Noble-oakIn order to help you in your choice, we have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions. We hope that it will help you.

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  • Vinyl Tiles: The Brand New WINEO 800 STONE

    Wineo 800 Stone XL | Click Vinyl "Copper Slate" Wineo 800 Stone XL | Click Vinyl "Copper Slate"

    You dream of a concrete, stone or metal floor in your living room, bedroom or bathroom, without ever taking the plunge? Indeed, the laying of concrete floor is often difficult, and it generally requires the help of a professional. Stone is heavy, requiring a very resistant support, and its installation, which requires a special technique, must be carried out by a specialist. As for metal, it is almost impossible to find it in floor covering, because it is just not practical on a daily basis. Continue reading

  • Top 5 best sellers for LVT and Carpet Tiles

    Recommended products by BRICOFLOR

    Here at BRICOFLOR, we deal with floors every day. That means we can thoroughly observe how well products perform and how happy customers are with them. Based on years of this insight, we find ourselves recommending the same products over and over, to different customers. Want to have a taste of these top performers? Take a look at those products!

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  • LVT & VINYL: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Gerflor Senso Lock 30 XL "0735 Walden Blond"


    To understand a lot more about LVT tiles and planks, you can read the frequently asked questions, which we answered just for you!

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  • How to choose my vinyl floor?

    Tarkett Easium "42297901 Contemporary Oak Grey" Tarkett Easium "42297901 Contemporary Oak Grey"

    Would you like to renovate your home with an aesthetic and economical floor? Opt for LVT tiles and planks! But you do not know how to choose your vinyl tiles or planks? No worries, we are here to enlighten you on this subject! With a wide choice of possible imitations, you can have the interior of your dreams at a very affordable price.

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  • GARAGE FLOOR TILES - Fortelock is the best solution!


    You want a floor covering that is resistant to all uses, adapting to a wide variety of supports, with a long-lasting investment and at the best price? Thanks to the efforts of the manufacturer Fortelock, this solution exists! Equipped with a clip system, the Fortelock Garage tile is the product that will make your life easier. This new collection comes in several models and can support two categories of use: Very intensive (Fortelock 2010, Fortelock 2020, Fortelock 2010 ECO and Fortelock 2020 ECO) and intensive medium (Fortelock 2050 and Fortlock 2060). New to the market, this range of LVT tiles for industrial use is the most suitable and versatile to put on the floor of your garage. Regardless of the floor area to be covered, the Fortelock garage tile adapts and does not require a specific installation. The Fortelock tile will surprise you! Indeed, your highest expectations will be satisfied!

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