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  • order unit: 20 carpet tiles

Desso Airmaster® "9511"

  • Desso Airmaster® "9511"

Desso Airmaster® "9511"

  • Will reduce the fine dust particles in the air
  • Numerous combination possibilities
  • Extremely robust (Use Area Classification 33)
  • Produced from environmentally friendly Econyl Polyamid yarn
Delivery Charges
£10.00 per order
Delivery Time
10-12 working days
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£7.95 per carpet tile incl. VAT
correspond to £31.80 per m²
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Product characteristics: Desso Airmaster® "9511"

Surface Loop Pile
Total Thickness 6,0 mm
Thermal Insulation Resistance 0,040 (m²*K)/W
Total Weight 4350 g/m²
Gauge 1/10"
Pile Height 2,4 mm
Pile Weight 650 g/m²
Impact Noise Reduction 23 dB
Burning Behaviour Bfl-s1
Pile Material 100% Polyamide
Width 50 x 50cm
backing Modified Bitumen Polyver® - Polyscan®
Dimensional Stability ≤ 0,20%

Product features

Desso AirMaster® is a true technical innovation. The carpet tiles remove fine dust from the air, thanks to a new and innovative technology, without the use of chemicals, and stores them in its fibres. For the tiles to achieve the best possible regenerative storage capability, the captured fine dust particles are effortlessly removed from the carpet through normal cleaning and care – i.e. vacuuming. A purer air provides not only a more comfortable and enjoyable feeling in your rooms, but is also beneficial to your health and well-being. Desso stress design and technology – the loop pile quality carpet tiles offer a linear and orderly structure. A multitude of colours allow you the possibility to create your own individual patterns through creative combinations. Desso AirMaster® can be used as a standalone carpet product in heavy footfall commercial areas (Use Area Classification 33), is unrestricted in its suitability to be used under items of furniture with castor wheels, and has anti-static qualities. The yarn used in production is composed of up to 100% recycled Econyl Polyamid which, in addition to the visual brilliance, improves the dependability of the product. Extreme robustness, exceptional design, innumerable combination possibilities, and a dust reducing technology - Desso AirMaster® leaves nothing to be desired. As an alternative option these carpet tiles are also available with an EcoBase® backing. The EcoBase® backing materials are up to 100% recyclable, and sustainably produced. If you should prefer to have the EcoBase® backing instead of the standard integrated Bitumen coating, please inform us immediately in writing via the comment area at the end of the ordering process.


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