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    Details Textilfliese Desso Essence "A863 9093" BRICOFLOR per carpet tile £49.80 per m² £12.45 per carpet tile incl. VAT
    Delivery Charges £10.00 per order
    Delivery Time 10-12 working days

1 Item(s) 

Desso Twist – Pleasant quality carpet tiles for your office

Desso Twist adds a homely and playful character to office environments and is particularly popular in meeting rooms and common areas to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Its twisted, shaggy cut pile construction makes this collection a distinctive product. Desso Twist falls under the luxury class 5. This is the highest possible class, which essentially means that it is not possible to find a carpet tile that is more comfortable and softer than this Desso product. Having this amazing flooring in your office can completely change the whole work climate in an instant, since it provides incredible underfoot comfort and reduces noise from footsteps by a large amount. Employees as well as visitors will feel more at ease and in general, there will be a tranquillity that affects each person who comes in contact with this floor covering.

Choose from a diverse Desso Twist colour palette of 12 nuances

This assortment has an appealing design of twisted, shaggy cut piles that provide a warm and comforting feeling. With a colour palette of 12 tones, ranging from neutral shades to bolder, brighter options, the design possibilities of this product are endless. Either you can go for the contemporary style with anthracite, grey, beige or brown or you can amplify the pattern with a vibrant orange, light blue and green. Regardless of what you decide on, all colours are also combinable for a mixture of classic with vividness – the choice is yours.

Desso Twist carpet tiles are easy to install and maintain

Oftentimes it can be very stressful and time consuming to implement a new type of flooring into an office for various reasons like time, effort and money. Because of that, most companies decide to use modular carpet tiles. The above mentioned issues do not apply when installing this floor. Desso Twist is available in a handy size of 50cm x 50cm, which simplifies transportation, storing and installation immensely. Additionally, Desso carpet tiles are much cheaper than most alternative floor coverings and once they are laid down, they are immediately ready for use. Furthermore, it is rather easy to maintain this product due to their loose-lay properties. Whenever there is a more serious stain to be cleaned, it is possible to simply remove an individual piece and either clean it separately or replace it entirely with a new one.

High quality carpet tiles for any public area

Desso Twist are remarkably hardwearing carpet tiles with a Polyamide tufted cut pile surface that through its twisted pattern does not only offer an appealing look but first-class quality. This product ranks as 5 in the luxury class, which is the highest possible positon and not a standard for commercial carpet tiles. Basically, this flooring is suitable for offices and other public areas, while having the soft and tenderness of the highest quality of domestic carpet tiles. Desso Twist has antistatic properties and is compatible with underfloor heating. Moreover, this product can withstand even the busiest offices, according to its wear classification 33. The use of chair casters is even allowed and will not harm the soft fibres in any way.

Preserve the environment with Desso Twist

This product is part of the firm’s larger mission “Cradle to Cradle” that actively works towards the most sustainable manufacturing methods and utilising only healthy materials, which essentially means that they should not contain any harmful toxins. The company emphasises the importance to limit the exploitation of the planet’s finite resources and destruction of its delicate ecosystem. Desso reuse their materials for future products and through that create a recycling loop without having to constantly drain new resources.  

Browse our online store on BRICOFLOR UK and find all you need

Go through our carpet tile section on our website and you will find an amazing collection of various manufacturers with all their assortments and colours. You can find any Desso product, including Twist. The order can be placed directly via our online store and if you should not be a 100% certain about a product, there is always the option to first order free samples and as soon as you have convinced yourself of the quality and colour you can complete the remaining order. 

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