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Heuga Solid Square carpet tiles – a popular and stylish choice

Heuga has been offering their popular Solid Square collection for more than 50 years now. This prevailing collection has satisfied thousands of customers with its durability and universality and is now available at BRICOFLOR. The carpet tiles come in a timeless design and owe their popularity to their incredible resilience. These hair tiles offer an exciting alternative to traditional carpet tiles. The quality yarn used for this product makes the tiles extremely robust and hard-wearing, making them suitable for domestic as well as commercial use. Coming in 4 timeless colours, this floor succeeds in smarting up any room. Due to the tile's loose laying properties, your new floor will be installed in a blink of an eye.

Solid Square are loose laying Heuga carpet tiles with an elegant design

Heuga Solid Square are high-quality hair tiles that are very durable. This premium collection doesn't need to come in countless colours to shine: Available in 4 timeless colours, this floor creates an elegant atmosphere in any room. The natural colours are lovely to look at: Solid Square “Elephant” is a subdued grey for every occasion, whereas “Panther” is a little darker. “Lion” imitates this powerful animal's fur and “Gazelle” is a little more red-tinged, making it the collection's warmest option. Whereas choosing only one colour for you room will create an unshakeable elegance, combining two or more colours will create a unique and exciting room. Designing chequered patterns or stripes is very popular with Heuga Solid Square customers.

Carpet tiles that defy wear and tear from commercial use

Solid Square carpet tiles by Heuga are made of upscale materials, making the tiles extremely tough and enduring. Rated for heavy use in commercial areas and being flame-retardant, these carpet tiles are the perfect choice for highly frequented areas. It goes without saying that the tiles are suitable for castor chairs, anti-static and can be used with underfloor heating systems. Being also suitable for wet rooms, this floor proves that it the right floor for any situation - in every room! The carpet tile's impact sound reduction makes for a comfortable and quiet atmosphere: noise reduction is a blessing for households with children or your workspace and will improve your quality of living.

Heuga Solid Square: loose-laying carpet tiles ensure an easy installation

With Heuga Solid Square you get highest quality at an affordable price. In addition to the classical design and excellent technical properties, these loose-lay carpet tiles are very easy to install. Since carpet tiles come in a handy size (50x50sm), they are easy to transport and to lay. The sturdy Graphlar® backing ensures that every tile will stay where it belongs, even if you do not use any adhesives when installing your new floor. Laying your floor without using adhesives has many advantages: you will put less strain on the environment and you can easily take out individual carpet tiles. This comes in handy if you have a stain on a tile that you cannot remove by hoovering. Simply take out the tile in question, thoroughly clean or replace it. You can also rearrange your individual design to create a new and exciting atmosphere.

A pioneer in sustainable flooring

When it comes to acting and producing sustainably, Heuga carpet tiles are market-leading. They started “Mission Zero”, a plan to become completely sustainable by 2020, about 20 years ago and can already register many accomplishments. Besides all factories in Europe running on 100% green energy, their production site in Scherpenzeel (NL) exclusively runs on gas that originates from the fermentation of fish and other waste from the food industry. In 2008, Heuga developed an ultrasonic  cutting technology that let production waste drop by 80%, which means savings of no less than 310 tons of waste a year! These examples show that Heuga are well on their way to reaching their goal, to become completely sustainable by 2020.

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