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Milliken Extreme Contrasts – Hardwearing Carpet Tiles That Inspire

Inspired by the textural landscape, geological extremes, folklore and modern culture of the Northern Hemisphere, Milliken Extreme Contrasts uses natural tones to bring us closer to deep blue lakes, black volcanic rock, rich golden moss, and stunning landforms. These modern and hardwearing carpet tiles are suitable for heavy commercial use and easily withstand everyday wear and tear in any home. The surface is made using hardwearing nylon, a material that is known for its excellent durability, even when exposed to a lot of footfall. This way, this collection is the ideal floor for busy offices and other commercial areas with heavy traffic. Available in many modern colours, this collections offers a wide range of different design options to choose from, making sure that everyone will find his/her dream floor.

Bring Nordic charm to any room with Milliken Extreme Contrasts

In this premium collection, you will find the calmness of the Nordic landscapes comprised in many diverse natural colours. The palette covers warm as well as cold colours in various shades of blue, grey, brown and red. “Nordic Mariner” reminds of the crystal-clear waters of Norway’s fjords and “Rock Lobster” of Iceland’s diverse marine life. The overall design is an irregular one with light and dark patches created with the help of fine stripes in well-matched colours. The mottled surface will make stains incredibly hard to spot, making these carpet tiles the ideal choice for entrances, walkways or any other area with a lot of traffic. Since there are so many different colours to choose from, we offer a free sample service for our customers, so that you can compare different colours before choosing your favourite one.

A modular flooring material that gives you maximum creative leeway

Here is another great thing about this outstanding collection: You can choose more than one colour to create a unique floor. By combining two or more colours, you can design chequered patterns, stripes or any other highlight you can think of – your imagination is the limit! There are three other Milliken collections, namely Isograd, Hidden Plains and Tectonic, which were designed to be combined with Extreme Contrasts. All colour options in these four collections are very well matched and perfectly complement each other. Combining carpet tiles from these collections, you will get a floor that is one-of-a-kind and will surely impress your guests or clients.

High-quality materials make for an outstanding product

For the production of their popular carpet tiles, Milliken only uses premium materials. This way, they make sure that their products easily withstand everyday wear and tear for many years. The yarn used for the tiles in this collection is made from 100% hardwearing nylon and the tufted, textured loop pile surface is extremely sturdy. Because of this, heavy traffic and even chair casters won’t have any effect on the tiles. For your peace of mind, this collection comes with a 12-year wear warranty when installed in commercial areas. The tiles’ excellent impact sound insulation and general sound absorbing qualities make for a quiet and relaxed working atmosphere in any office. This feature also comes in handy if you live in a big and lively family with children.

Easy and straightforward installation

Due to the state-of-the-art components used for these tiles, the installation is very easy and can be done in next to no time. Milliken recommends installing the tiles in a ‘Half Drop’ method, which results in an exciting design. When installing carpet tiles, you start in the middle of the room and work your way towards the walls. To ensure a straight, square and properly aligned installation, apply two working chalklines to the floor. The first line should run parallel to the wall and the second should meet the first in the middle of the room so that the two lines are exactly 90° to each other. The point where the two lines meet will be the starting point for the installation. The backing contains 90% recycled material and since it is non-reactive and free from PVC and plasticisers, it eliminates the necessity of old adhesive removal. The tiles’ high dimensional stability guarantees that there won’t be any warping and every tile will stay at its designated place.

Get your floor online at the best price

When ordering with us, you will experience excellent customer service. You can use our free sample service to decide on your favourite colour(s) before ordering. Once you place an order, your Milliken Extreme Contrasts carpet tiles will be produced just for you. This way, you can be sure to receive a brand-new product.

✓ Milliken Extreme Contrasts carpet tiles at the lowest price

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