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Items 1 to 15 of 18 total

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Milliken Graffiti Scribe – Resilient carpet tiles resembling a piece of art

There are several Milliken assortments, which have an appealing design and seem to be more than just a regular flooring option. In this case, the name correctly indicates what Milliken wants to achieve with Graffiti Scribe. The pattern is remarkably abstract and enticing, channelling a feeling of walking on art. This is possibly a pleasant alternative to a traditional mundane looking floor. Moreover, Milliken’s Graffiti Scribe supports the beautiful exterior with an even more amazing interior. In other words, this product has an extremely sturdy Polyurethane cushioned backing that is environmentally friendly, but simultaneously ensures a strong resilience when being heavily used.

Choose from 18 diverse Milliken Graffiti Scribe colours

This selection covers an interesting array of colours. There are the more common grey and beige tones and there are more captivating uncommon carpet colours, such as dark purple and neon green. These vivid colours could work exceptionally well in schools for younger children or in any other institution focusing on having a bright and lively atmosphere.

Combine different colours to make your own unique flooring

When you decide to go with Milliken’s Graffiti Scribe, be aware that your options are not limited to choosing only one colour. Instead, you can pick individual tiles in different colour combinations and create an art explosion. The design is a mixture of short and long stripes in varying thicknesses that pass through each other at seemingly random areas, giving the whole carpet tile a natural flowing flair.  

Work with premium materials and the result will be stunning

Is it quality that you are looking for? Then you have come to the right place. Milliken is renowned for their sturdy carpet tiles that are perfectly suitable for any commercial area. Graffiti Scribe is no different, this amazing product is fashionable and very robust at the same time. It is recommended for heavy commercial use (rated class 33), which means if it is a busy office or a school full of children rampaging over this flooring, Milliken guarantees that the quality will not deteriorate in any way. For this specific reason, they provide any commercial setting with a stunning 15-year wear warranty. Additionally, these carpet tiles are non-flammable according to the highest standards and noise from footsteps is reduced considerably whilst at the same time improving indoor air quality.

A sustainable solution that the environment can benefit from

The company Milliken has been in the business of preserving the environment for many decades and since the beginning has rigorously worked on their green technologies to improve their manufacturing processes as well as proper recycling and utilising of waste. All the way back from when they started up to their current situation they have reached the point where they capture and offset more carbon dioxide than their global operations emit. So if you are as concerned about the world as Milliken, you came to the right place by choosing this eco-friendly floor that will help protect our environment for generations to come.

Milliken Graffiti Scribe arranges for a straightforward and smooth installation

Modular carpet tiles are very advantageous in comparison to carpets, mainly due to the size of the product. They usually come in 50cm x 50cm measurements, which simplifies transportation via boxes and pallets, installation through glue-free laying of the tiles and even cleaning since you can remove one particular piece, clean it and then return it to its spot. All these factors save you a lot of time and money when considering this option for your floor. At the same time, you have the possibility to take it with you in case you move to a different location in comparison to a floor that has to be glued down.

Order your carpet tiles online with us on BRICOFLOR UK

On our website, you will find all the different colours of Milliken Graffiti Scribe and you will also have to chance to browse over 50 other collections of Milliken with a vast amount of different colour combinations. If you find anything that spikes your interest, do not hesitate to contact us for additional information and to receive a free sample.

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