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Milliken Hidden Plains – Resilient Carpet Tiles With a Northern Charm

Let Milliken Hidden Plains take you to the deep blue lakes, black volcanic rock and rich golden moss of the Northern Hemisphere. Inspired by the textural landscape, geological extremes, folklore and modern culture of this stunning part of the world, these carpet tiles succeed in creating a modern and relaxed atmosphere. But this premium floor is more than just an eye catcher: It is extremely robust and thus suitable for heavy commercial use, making it the ideal choice for busy offices and other areas with heavy footfall. The yarn is made using 100% hardwearing nylon, a material that is known for its excellent durability, even when under a lot of strain. If you are looking for a resilient floor that will create a calm ambience in any room, then look no further than Hidden Plains.

Use Milliken Hidden Plains to bring Nordic charm to your room

Available in many exciting and natural colours, this collection perfectly embodies the diverse spirit and stunning nature of the Scandinavian countries. It offers a wide range of different shades of blue, beige and grey. “Iceflow”, for example, is a rich blue design that conveys the image of Icelandic glaciers. Let this collection take you to a clear “Polar Night” and enjoy the beauty of a Norwegian “Fjord”. All tiles feature a modern, mottled design, which is created by fine, irregular stripes in well-matched colours. This exciting design not only is timeless but it also makes stains incredibly hard to spot, facilitating maintenance and thus giving you more time to focus on what is really important in your life.

Endless design options with this modular floor

When choosing this collection, you are given endless options when it comes to creating a unique design. Since Hidden Plains is a modular flooring material, you can choose and combine as many colours as you like. This way, you can let your imagination run free and create chequered patterns, stripes or any other highlight you can think of. By combining a dark and a light colour, you can also mark walkways or specific areas in your room. There are three other Milliken collections, Isograd, Extreme Contrasts and Tectonic, which were designed to be combined with carpet tiles from the Hidden Plains range. These four collections feature the same style surface and have the same total height, resulting in a smooth and even floor.

A resilient floor for all areas - Milliken Hidden Plains

Since these Milliken carpet tiles are very robust, they are rated suitable for heavy commercial use. Made from hardwearing nylon and with a finished pile height of 2 – 3.5 mm, the tiles’ surface is extremely sturdy. Because of this outstanding resilience, this product comes with a 12-year wear warranty (when installed in commercial areas). Due to Milliken’s premium dye technology, the tiles are resistant to fading, keeping their vivid colours for many years to come. The tiles’ impact sound insulation and general sound absorbing qualities come in handy in a busy office, as they create a quiet and comfortable working atmosphere. But this floor also is a great choice for domestic areas, as maintenance is very easy. Since the tiles do not have to be glued to the ground when equipped with TractionBack® (which is available on request and with a small extra fee), you can take them out at any time. This way, you can thoroughly clean individual tiles without much hassle or effort.

The eco-friendly choice

Milliken is constantly working towards creating a brighter future, using recycled materials and green energy to reduce pollution. The tiles are produced using 100% green energy and the backing features 90% recycled content to give used material a second life. Milliken is a carbon negative company, meaning that they capture and offset more carbon dioxide than their global operations emit. To achieve this, the company successfully manages more than 130,000 acres of trees in Milliken forests. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly flooring material that puts minimal strain on the environment, these carpet tiles by Milliken are the perfect choice for you.

Buy your floor online with BRICOFLOR

BRICOFLOR offers Milliken Hidden Plains at the best price online. With all colour options available and a free sample service, customers value our friendly and competent service. If you have any questions concerning this outstanding product, do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call.

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