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Milliken In The Loop - Resilient Carpet Tiles for All Areas

Carpet tiles in commercial areas, like Milliken In The Loop, need to be very robust and able to withstand highest strain. The product’s outstanding durability is achieved by using high-quality materials only. The yarn used for these tiles is made from nylon, a material that is well-known for its resilience. Since this product is extremely robust and has a long lifespan, it is rated suitable for heavy commercial use and comes with a 12-year wear warranty (when installed in commercial areas). The surface of the tiles is treated with StainSmart®, a technology that facilitates stain removal for an easier maintenance. The tiles’ antistatic properties and the fact that heavy office chairs will not have an effect on the tiles makes this floor the ideal choice for busy offices and other areas with a lot of footfall.

A modern design with natural colours – that is Milliken In The Loop

This exquisite collection of hardwearing carpet tiles comes in many different colours, giving you a broad colour palette to choose from. The general design of the tiles is a repeating pattern with regular stripes that perfectly complements modern interiors. When installed in a monolithic way, the individual tiles will form a homogenous pattern that creates a very modern design. All colours in this collection are very natural, which is perfect for creating a calm and relaxed ambience. The colour palette covers various shades of blue, grey and beige, “Action Item” being the darkest and “On-Line” the lightest colour. You will also find more colourful options, like “Impromptu”, a natural shade of green or “Hot Desk”, an earthy red. The dye technology used for this collection, Millitron® Digital Colour Placement, gently dyes the yarn and makes it resistant to fading. This way, you can still enjoy the natural colours after many years of use and exposure to sunlight.

A floor that comes with maximum creative leeway

The tiles in this collection are a modular flooring material, which means that you can choose as many colours as you like to create a unique design. This collection gives you endless design options, as you can create chequered patterns, stripes or any other highlight you can think of. By combining a more subtle colour (e.g. “Buy-In”) with a more vibrant one (like “Thinking”) you can highlight specific areas or walkways. All tiles in this collection have a total thickness of 8.8 mm and no one will be able to tell that your floor actually consists of individual tiles. When designing your floor with this exquisite collection, your imagination is the limit.

Easy and quick installation

Carpet tiles in general have numerous advantages over broadloom when it comes to the installation – and this collection is no exception. The tiles come in a very handy size (45.7 x 45.7 cm) which facilitates transportation, storage and general handling when installing your new floor. Since the tiles are loose-laying, they can be installed with using adhesives (when equipped with TractionBack®, which is available on request). A glue-free installation results in a better air quality and enables you to walk on your new floor immediately after the installation. The high dimensional stability facilitates the installation process and if you need to cut a tile (e.g. when you get to the edge of a room), simply use a carpet knife, as the tiles are resistant to fraying.

The environmentally friendly choice

Milliken believes that a healthy planet and a healthy business are vitally linked. Because of this, they are constantly working to become more sustainable. For more than 100 years, Milliken has been developing eco-friendly techniques and principles like reusing packaging and textile materials. Their first recycling policy dates back to 1900 and due to the sustainable management of more than 130,000 acres of trees in Milliken forests and the use of renewable resources, the company now is carbon negative. This means that the company’s carbon dioxide capture and offset are higher than the company’s global emissions. The In The Loop collection is a perfect example of Milliken’s aim to be sustainable, as the tiles’ cushion backing consists of 90% recycled material.

Experience excellent service with BRICOFLOR

At BRICOFLOR, we value our customers. We offer a free sample service, enabling you to see the product and the different colours yourself before ordering. This way, you can be sure to be ordering your dream floor and there won’t be any nasty surprises. When ordering a larger amount, don’t hesitate to request a customised offer to receive your product at the best price. If you have any questions concerning Milliken products, please send us an email or give us a call. Our competent team is happy to help you.

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