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Milliken Isograd Carpet Tiles – The Ideal Floor for Busy Offices

If you are looking for a resilient floor that will last for many years, Milliken Isograd is the perfect choice for you! These long-lasting carpet tiles withstand even highest strain, without fading or warping. The surface is made using hardwearing nylon, a material that is known for excellent durability, even when exposed to a lot of footfall. Being this durable, it is no wonder that these loose-laying tiles are a popular choice for busy offices and other commercial settings. Offering this outstanding collection in many different colour options, Milliken makes sure that everyone will find his or her favourite colour. All designs were inspired by Scandinavia’s wild and beautiful nature and will succeed in creating a modern and calm atmosphere in any room.

Create a modern ambience with Milliken Isograd flooring

The natural colours in this collection are ideal for creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. All design options feature fine, irregular stripes, giving the tiles a very modern look. On top of that, this mottled surface will make stains incredibly hard to spot. This way, these carpet tiles are the ideal choice for entrances, walkways or any other area with a lot of traffic. You will find many shades of blue and grey in this collection. These cooler tones create a relaxing atmosphere and make for a good working environment. There also are some colourful design options, like “Pippi’s Red” or “Iceflow”, a deep, rich blue. Since there are so many different colours to choose from, we offer a free sample service for our customers. This way, you can see the actual colours before ordering.

Loose-laying carpet tiles allow for endless design options

When choosing a modular flooring material like Milliken Isograd, you are choosing maximum creative leeway. Your imagination is the limit when designing your dream floor, as you can choose and combine as many colours as you like. This floor enables you to create any pattern you like, chequered ones, stripes or any other highlight you can think of. Since Milliken carpet tiles are resistant to fraying, you can even cut individual tiles to realise your dream design.

High-quality components for an outstanding product

When producing these popular tiles, only premium materials are being used. This way, Milliken creates a long-lasting product with excellent technical properties. The tiles’ antistatic nature and their sound absorbing qualities make them the ideal floor for offices. The tiles are also suitable for use with chair casters. The strong, textured loop pile construction makes sure that this floor will endure highest strain. Since the tiles are flame-retardant, they fulfil highest safety standards. When installed in a commercial setting, Milliken offers a 12-year wear warranty for this resilient product. This collection combines all qualities people look for in a hardwearing yet modern floor for commercial areas and comes at an affordable price.

Quick and effortless installation with Milliken Isograd

These loose-laying tiles are incredibly easy to install and you will not need any special equipment. They have numerous advantages over broadloom, as they are easy to transport and store and can be installed without using adhesives (when equipped with TractionBack®). Milliken carpet tiles are suitable for a glue-free installation, resulting in a quick installation that produces less fumes and your new floor will be walkable immediately after the installation. To further facilitate the installation, Milliken developed TractionBack®, a revolutionary backing system that is available on request (additional charges apply). With this collection, you can save a lot of time and money, since you do not have to hire professionals for the installation.

Good for the environment – good for you!

Milliken is well aware of the importance of a healthy environment. Therefore, they are constantly working towards becoming more sustainable. Due to the successful management of 130,000 acres of trees in Milliken forests and the use of renewable energy, the company is carbon negative. This means that the company’s carbon dioxide capture and offset exceeds the company’s global emissions. The Isograd collection embodies Milliken’s eco-friendly mindset, as the cushion backing used for these tiles is made of 90% recycled material. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly flooring material that puts minimal strain on the environment, this collection by Milliken is the perfect choice for you.

Find a great choice of Milliken carpet tiles on BRICOFLOR

On our website, you will find all Milliken Isograd design options and many other carpet tiles to suit your needs. We provide a free sample service to our customers and offer this collection at the best price available online. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our competent and friendly team is always happy to help.

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