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1 Item(s) 

1 Item(s) 

Milliken Part Two – Hardwearing carpet tiles

Are you sick of inconvenient flooring options, that are hard to clean and worn-out after a few years? Then have a look at Milliken Part Two and you will see for yourself that these loose-laying carpet tiles are extremely easy to place on any floor and can be installed by about any person. In addition, they are immensely durable being able to withstand a busy office without any signs of wear and tear. Milliken is so confident in their product that with it you will receive an astonishing 15-year warranty for commercial use.

Choose your desired colour from the Milliken Part Two selection

All of the Consequence 2.0 collections have an incredible 30 colours to choose from and combine with, if the customer wishes to do so. Part Two has a striped vertical pattern that has one horizontal cut through the lower half giving it an interesting texture and design. The lines are an assimilation of a lighter and darker nuance, creating a complex contrast that conveys the feeling of looking at a piece of art.

High-quality products for easy placement

Milliken Part Two is an incredibly strong product due to the premium material used for its manufacturing. The outstanding dimensional stability in combination with hardwearing Nylon assures the tiles resistance to warping and makes for an extremely durable product that will last for many years. Furthermore, the product is non-flammable and slip resistant, which makes it the perfect fit for any commercial area. It has antistatic properties and the surface of the tiles is treated with StainSmart for soil release and liquid repellence to keep maintenance at a minimum.

Painless instalment without the necessity of a professional

These carpet tiles come in 50cm x 50cm shapes, which is the ideal size for transportation in boxes or pallets. Moreover, the possibilities are endless when it comes to placing the individual tiles, especially when equipped with TractionBack (additional charges apply). In that case, there is no need for any additional adhesives to glue the tiles, which results in quicker installation and less fumes emission. It also enables you to immediately make use of your new floor, being able to walk on the freshly places tiles.

Milliken carpet tiles – Ideal for any eco-conscious person

The firm is aware of the importance of a healthy environment. Thus, they are constantly working towards becoming more sustainable and have been for decades. They continuously evolve by inventing new technologies that support their mission to do their in becoming green. Milliken’s collection Part Two is no different, as most of the material used is made of recycled content. On top of that, they employed solely electricity from renewable sources to produce their products.

Search and find a great choice of carpet tiles on BRICOFLOR UK

Do not hesitate to browse our online shop and find all the different colours and collection of Milliken that we have to offer. If you see a specific product that you like, send us a request and we will ship you a free sample of your choice in any colour you desire. It is also possible to receive a customised quote that certainly will not be exceeded anywhere on the web.

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