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1 Item(s) 

Milliken React – Tasteful carpet tiles & Firm durability

If you decide to order this piece, you will receive an extremely resilient flooring option that is perfectly suitable for any commercial area, e.g. offices or corridors. These carpet tiles are loose-laying, giving you the option to replace or clean the different pieces whenever necessary. For that reason, it is a comfortable solution instead of the broadloom alternative and naturally it is tested to withstand excessive foot traffic according to the use classification 33. There is also the possibility to combine various colours and create a unique pattern, instead of just picking the same carpet tile for the entire floor. This product is not just appealing for its practical benefits, but also for its stunning design.

Huge choice of Milliken React colour combinations

This part of the Consequence 2.0 collection can be obtained in 30 different colour shadings. You can be the master of how your floor is supposed to look like by choosing either one or a mixture of several different colours to create an amazing atmosphere in any room or hall. The various nuances range from grey and beige to blue and brown. However, each tile consists of multiple colours, due to the way the loops are tufted. It results in pretty contrast that gives the product more character and ultimately does not let it look bland.

Multiple colours in a single carpet tile cater for an incredible design

Milliken React has a unique design that benefits from using luxury textured loop piles. They are tufted in different layers, which leads to a more distinguished pattern that creates a very harmonious look. In other words, the different layers are what underlines the contrast between the nuances. The addition of multiple colours reinforces the appearance and in the end leads to a magnificent flooring option.

Premium quality and safe installation on the basis of Milliken React carpet tiles

For many years, Milliken has been manufacturing strong and reliable flooring solutions. This selection is exceptionally popular for commercial settings as it contains high-quality features. In other words, there is no danger of the flooring being damaged by office chair casters or in general heavy footfall. Specifically for that reason, Milliken provides a 15-year wear warranty. At the same time, React provides sound reduction and antistatic protection. The tile itself consists of a strong Nylon surface that uses StainSmart technology, ensuring that stains and liquid cannot penetrate the face fibre. This very robust top layer is partnered with another Milliken technology for its backing (ComfortPlus²). If you do desire an upgrade though, it is possible to order TractionBack instead, which simplifies your instalment manifold, since the product can be laid out without any additional adhesives, floor sealers or primers.

Encourage sustainability for a brighter future!

The company Milliken has been working towards a more environmentally friendly future for over a century and will continue to do so. The collection React is manufactured, using electricity entirely from renewable energy sources and a large portion of the material includes recycled content. It is present in the yarn as well as the backing of the carpet tiles

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We at BRICOFLOR have been working already for a lengthy period with Milliken and therefore we can offer premium products for the best price you can find online. You can order a free sample from our website and get a sense of the quality and the vivid colours of these carpet tiles.  

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