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1 Item(s) 

Milliken Rogue Knit – Hard-wearing Carpet Tiles That Bring Colour To Any Room

Use Milliken Rogue Knit to brighten up your room. This collection offers a wide range of diverse colours, ranging from neutral ones to bright ones. The tiles have a total thickness of 9.3 mm, making them very resilient and suitable for heavy commercial use. Even frequent strain caused by chair casters will not have any effect on the robust surface. Because of this and numerous other reasons, this collection is a popular choice for busy offices and other commercial areas with a lot of footfall. Besides being very sturdy, these tiles are also anti-static, which is a great advantage when installed in offices and homes.

Create a modern ambience with Milliken Rogue Knit

This collection is available in a large number of diverse colours, covering natural tones as well as bright ones. The general design is a very modern one, featuring fine, irregular stripes in matching nuances. This irregular, somewhat mottled design makes stains incredibly hard to spot, making this floor the ideal choice for areas with a lot of footfall. You will find many exciting colours in this collection, including bright reds and a rich purple. If you are looking for more neutral tones, “Sheep Dipped” (a soft, beige colour) or “Spool Knit” (a modern grey design) might just be the right choice for you. No matter what colour you choose, all tiles are extremely hard-wearing and will last for many years.

There are no limits when it comes to designing your floor

Since this collection by Milliken is a modular flooring material, you can create any design you like by combining different colours. When choosing two contrasting colours, you can, for example, create chequered patterns or stripes. Stripes also work with more than two colours, or you can create an entirely unique design or highlight specific areas of your room (like walkways or stairs). Since the tiles are resistant to fraying, you won’t face any problems when cutting individual tiles to realise your dream design.

High-quality products make for an easy installation

Flooring material for commercial areas needs to be extremely resilient and needs to look good at the same time. Rogue Knit combines both qualities and offers even more: Since the tiles’ surface is fade-resistant, your new floor will keep its delicate colours for many years to come. Due to the product’s high quality, it is rated suitable for heavy commercial use and comes with a 12-year wear warranty. Installing these carpet tiles is incredibly easy and can be done within a few hours (depending on the size of the room). All you need for the installation is chalk (to draw lines on the floor for a precise installation) and a carpet knife (to cut individual tiles). Due to the product’s excellent workmanship, the tiles will not fray. TractionBack®, a supreme backing, is available on request (a small extra charge applies). This premium backing systems is suitable for installation without any adhesives, saving you time and effort when installing your floor.

The eco-conscious choice

For decades, Milliken have been working towards creating a better world, developing multiple forward-looking techniques and policies to lower the negative impact on the environment. The people behind Milliken believe that a healthy business and a healthy planet are substantially linked. Therefore, the company uses much green energy and recycled material whenever possible. The standard backing used for the Rogue Knit tiles, for example, contains 90% recycled material. The company’s first recycling policy dates back to 1900 and due to the sustainable management of more than 130,000 acres of trees in Milliken forests and the use of renewable resources, the company now is carbon negative (meaning that the company’s carbon dioxide capture and offset are higher than the company’s global emissions).

Get your floor online on BRICOFLOR UK

When buying Milliken Rogue Knit with us, you will get this premium floor at the best price and experience excellent customer service. If you cannot decide on your favourite colour(s) right away, feel free to use our free sample service and if you are looking to order a large amount, do not hesitate to contact us for an individual quote.

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