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10 Item(s) 

10 Item(s) 

Sisal Weave by Victoria Carpets – premium carpet made to last

Sisal Weave embodies timeless design and highest quality. It is the perfect choice for everyone who is looking for a stylish and extremely durable carpet.

Sisal Weave carpet in 10 delightful colours

You can choose from a wide range of stylish light and natural colours in various shades of beige and brown. This exquisite tufted carpet perfectly imitates a woven sisal carpet and, at the same time, has a pleasantly soft touch. It is made of 100% pure wool, guaranteeing highest quality and making it warm to the feet.

Sisal Weave - high-end carpet made in the UK

To make the carpet extremely robust, much 3 ply yarn is used, resulting in the floor being very durable and soft at the same time. The durability of the carpet is further increased by the large amount of wool used (38.93oz/yd² or 1320g/m²). The 5/32 gauge perfects the tufted loop style and turns the carpet into a real eyecatcher.

Sisal Weave - carpet suitable for every area in your home

Sisal Weave is very versatile and can be installed in every room. The carpet is made of highest-quality components, making it very resilient and allowing installation in bathrooms or on stairs. Even heavy tables and frequent strain caused by chairs cannot harm this high-end carpet. Because of its modest and strikingly beautiful design, this premium carpet by Victoria Carpets perfectly rounds off every modern and traditional room.


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