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Berry Alloc Empire

Berry Alloc Empire: Extra Thick and Extra Strong Laminate Flooring

The BerryAlloc laminate flooring from Belgium has several outstanding characteristics. This beautiful collection of 12 decors is highly scratch resistant and durable, in other words the perfect match for both residential and commercial spaces. It is equipped with the strong Best-Loc® X-treme locking system and has 4 subtle bevels which will surely add beauty and elegance to your floor. The BerryAlloc Empire collection is made up of wide and thick planks with an effortless method of instalment thanks to the innovative Best Lock X treme installation system, accompanied by range of designs. Besides the effortless installation method of the laminate, the various designs and colours enable you to customise your house or working space with a unique modern feeling and style. Since there are fewer planks, Empire makes your interior appear more spacious. Furthermore, you also need to install fewer planks, which means a faster result, enhanced by the glue-free mechanical locking system to make the renovation of your space as easy as a child’s play!  The Berry Alloc Empire laminate flooring collection is suitable for numerous environments, and can be installed in residential spaces and areas with higher traffic such as kitchens and commercial areas.

Colours and Designs Just Like Real Wood: BerryAlloc Empire

Berry Alloc Empire is a brand new range with extra tick (11 mm) planks, 12 fabulous colours, with a very nice structure, BestLoc Xtreme locking and 4 sided bevel. Berry Alloc with wood structure gives extra depth to your floor. This makes it difficult to see any difference to engineered wood flooring, thanks to the Woodstructure Plus. By choosing a BerryAlloc Empire floor with deep grooves you can get extremely close to the natural parquet look and furthermore enjoy the ease of maintenance of a laminate floor. This system goes even further than WoodStructure® and provides every plank with a relief that displays the wood grain to the smallest detail. The result is a true-to-life reproduction of wood. The wood patterns on the boards connect endlessly from plank to plank, creating the impression of the design flowing smoothly and uninterruptedly along the entire length of a row - looking like one very, very..., VERY long plank.

Berry Alloc Empire: Technical Factors and Innovation

BerryAlloc Empire laminate flooring is made out of scratch resistant material, making it perfect for residential and commercial spaces with higher levels of traffic. The floor planks have measured level of more than 6000, for its abrasion resistance as well as demonstrating no visible damage when pulling a castor chair over it. The Empire collection is compatible for underfloor heating, for which few conditions have to be followed and can be found on the website of BerryAlloc. BerryAlloc Empire is latest design from BerryAlloc and looks 100% like real timber, but it is a lot stronger than natural timber flooring. This beautiful laminate flooring collection is highly scratch resistant and durable, in other words the perfect match for both residential and commercial spaces. It is equipped with the strong Best-Loc® X-treme locking system and has 4 subtle bevels which will surely add beauty and elegance to your floor.

 At Berry Alloc, quality is extremely important. That is why their products are accompanied by a lifetime guarantee for residential use. The floors have undergone tests for strength, impact of water damage, discolouration, stability and wear and tear. This has resulted in a floor that you can enjoy for many years. Berry Alloc offers you a complete assortment in top quality. Extra-long, short or wide floorboards, various wood decorations, different finishes and colours. Soils for wet rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens, but also for any other room in your house. BerryAlloc laminate flooring stands out for its outstanding quality and offers you the best installation locking system: Best Loc® X-Treme for quick and easy installation. Reliable flooring for all tastes.

Best Loc X-Treme: BerryAlloc Empire For Super-Fast Installation

Best Loc X-Treme® goes a step beyond the Best Loc® system. Not only does it have a considerably stronger locking mechanism, it is also easier to install thanks to its enclosed lip, which means that installation is up to 30% faster. Berry Alloc Empire laminate floors boards measure 1288 mm x 186 x 11 mm and are extremely easy to lay. You do not need a hammer or tapping block to lay the floors, so you cannot damage the planks. You can lay the planks one at a time using the ingenious locking system that works with a clip. This makes installation a lot quicker, but the planks also remain together properly. The floor is able to withstand the weight of a bookcase or piano. Read the instructions very carefully before installing your BerryAlloc Empire flooring. Watch also the installation video. Keep the boards in room temperature for at least 48 hours in unopened package before you start the installation. The room temperature must be at least 18°C before and during installation. The Berry Alloc Empire collection is assigned a Cfl-S1 classification, making it suitable for covering exit routes.

Berry Alloc Empire: Laminate Floor Care is Now Simple

BerryAlloc Empire laminate floors are extremely resistant to scratches but taking a few simple precautionary measures will let you extend the life of your laminate. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft parquet brush or use dry, electrostatic dusting cloths. For stubborn dirt, you can use a well wrung mop to clean the laminate floor without any problems. Berry Alloc laminate floors are incredibly easy to maintain and our specially developed BerryAlloc maintenance products will maintain the lovely quality and appearance of your floor for years. Berry Alloc laminate floors do not shrink in sunlight. The high-quality finish ensures that you can get years of pleasure from your floor without any discolouration. Relax, let the sun in and enjoy your house bathed in light.

The Sustainable Choice: BerryAlloc Empire Collection

All of the BerryAlloc products are PEFC certified. This means that they carry the “Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes” label, which guarantees that they come from sustainably managed forests. Experienced advice and a customer-oriented system. Berry Alloc laminate flooring comes with BestLoc X-Treme systems make installing the floor extremely easy. You do not need any special tools to assemble, repair or disassemble. Additionally, the floors in the Serenity and Riviera ranges, are extremely resistant to water and moisture. The extra treatment means that water damage does not stand a chance. So no more worrying about water.

Furthermore, BerryAlloc Empire floors also contain few volatile organic substances. This is better for the indoor climate of your home and for your health. However, it does not end there. Berry Alloc produces as little waste as possible and convert anything left over into energy. They also use solar panels and wind turbines for their energy supply. This means that a Berry Alloc floor is sustainable and friendly to both people and the environment.

Berry Alloc Empire: Buy Now From Bricoflor's Online Store

Find the suitable product for your renovation! In addition to our best price guarantee, which applies to all of the products, you can order all Berry Alloc Empire products quickly and easily from our online store. All of the range of laminate flooring from Berry Alloc Empire is available, it ensures that the right laminate is available for all ideas and demands that may spring to your mind: so whatever your idea, or however you might like to re-decorate your home, we here at BRICOFLOR can help you with your order. Beautify your interior with the noble Berry Alloc Empire laminate floors fast and easy, order today through the BRICOFLOR online store!

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