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1 Item(s) 

1 Item(s) 

Quick-Step Perspective Wide: Visually and Technically Versatile

Quick-Step Perspective Wide is a laminate with wooden features. The planks are available in two different sizes, 137.6 x 19 cm and 138 x 19 cm, with both planks possessing a thickness of 9.5 mm. The high quality of this product, the manufacturer Quick-Step is convinced and therefore gives you a 25 year warranty on the laminate. The Perspective Wide collection is made of long planks with beveled edges that extend and lengthen any space. Offering you not only beautiful floors but a range of deigns that cover that latest trends and most advanced technology. Quick Step is a well-known manufacturer of laminate floors and always provides top quality collections. 

Robust, easy and comfortable - The Quick-Step Perspective Wide laminate            

Perspective Wide is heavily tested and engineered so you can enjoy a durable, high quality floor that is made to last. This Quick-Step laminate floor comes with a European certification of 32 for residential and commercial uses, giving you a choice for both occasions. Thanks to the 9.5mm thickness the floors are resistant to wear and tear. On the surface, a strong and durable Scratch Guard enhances these floors to be resistant to scratches, abrasions, prevents dirt and stains from settling into the floor. In addition, these floors do not fade from normal lighting, making them a suitable choice for use in bright sunny rooms with windows, keeping them colourful and vibrant through time. The laminate floor is proven to withstand splashes and spills thanks to the water-resistant base. The Perspective Wide collection offers excellent protection against surface moisture. The Quick-Step laminate is antistatic, which not only prevents the annoying electric shock when touching the doorknob, but also ensures that the floor attracts less dust and dirt. The floors are suitable for use with underfloor heating systems and are slip and fire resistant, giving these floors an all-around high quality status.

Matt or silky, Classic or Modern: Perspective Wide Laminate Offers a Wide Range

In this collection there are 8 different designs to choose from. Included are imitations of both oak and chestnut. The decor is incredibly realistic thanks to a special printing process in which an extremely high-resolution photo of real wood is applied to the decorative layer of the laminate. Contrasting colours in the decors of this collection offer a wide range, from creamy white to strong dark browns. It is not only in the choices of wood and colour that give this collection its versatility. The surfaces are varied between saw cut, matte finishes, and even the intensity of wood structure. From normal wooden structures to intense, the laminate is made to replicate the true surface and texture of wood. By running your hand along the surface you will find grooves and grains that are as close to real wood as it gets. With all of these distinctive wooden structures, you are sure to find one that fits your space perfectly.

Easy Installation Thanks to a Revolutionary User-Friendly System

Whether you have experience with laying flooring or not, you can easily install this laminate flooring. The innovative and revolutionary Uniclic system give you the chance to lay your new floors like a pro. This system was designed to simplify the laying process as much as possible. In conventional click systems, you must click the boards together by angling one board into another and clicking down. This can make it difficult to install in places where there are tight corners or low spaces. The Uniclic system allows you to quickly and easily install your floors and even readjust them after. This revolutionary system does what no other system can; you can stall the floors by horizontally clicking them together. Without having to angle the boards, you will not face any problems when installing where space is limited. The interlocking laminate planks can be effortlessly fitted by simply connecting the planks tongue and groove, the flooring lays with ease and with no need for any adhesives or special tools.

Order Quick-Step Perspective Wide now at BRICOFLOR and Experience the Benefits

When you order Quick-Step Laminate Perspective Wide from BRICOFLOR, you will not only benefit from our best price guarantee, but also from the large selection of the complete Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Collections. Should you, thanks to this huge selection, have trouble deciding, this is not a problem. We offer a free sample service to help you get a closer look at the products. BRICOFLOR offers the best quality flooring options at unbeatable prices.


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