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1 Item(s) 

Quick-Step Rustic Laminate: Classic Rustic Comfort that Lasts

The Quick-Step Rustic is a plank format laminate with oak designs. The various oak imitations of this collection are particularly successful and demonstrate the high durability of the laminate, and the confidence with which Quick-Step backs their products. The floorboards come in the convenient and optimal dimensions of ​​120 x 12.3 cm and 8 mm thick. The ideal length to width ratio is optimized with the Rustic collection as the planks are specially designed to enlarger the space in which they rest. The floating planks are easy, versatile and durable, making Rustic the perfect solution to every flooring need. Offering you not only beautiful floors but also a range of deigns that cover that latest trends and most advanced technology.

Elegant Oak Designs with Rustic Quick-Step

This collection give you 8 different designs that cover a classic range. The imitations are very realistic and true to nature colours and textures. They are crafter suing a special printing method, with ultra-high-resolution photos are used to give the realistic look of wood. The decors/colours vary from light trendy oaks to darker classic tones, giving you considerable variability in colour choices. The various types of wood are predominantly found in autumnal tones such as red, brown and yellow. With multiple options, there is a colour and design for any occasion. There are strong, almost orange shimmering decadent décors that focus specifically on the distinctive wooden structure and soft tones that bring a sense of calm and reason in any environment. This Quick-Step Laminate collection brings a bright décor with a feeling of lightness.

Rustic Quick-Step Laminate is Durable and Lasting

Rustic has been designed and produced to possess versatile and durable properties. With a usage class of 32, this product is suitable for use in your home and in commercial spaces as well. A transparent coating protects the top of the floors against micro-scratches and makes the surface wear resistant. This Scratch Guard feature is not the only prevention against damage to these floors. Quick-Step laminate floors are produced with an impact-resistant HDF board at the centre of the floor. This solid core helps to prevent impact damage from shoe heels, and fallen objects. These floors are also given anti-static properties that reduce annoying static on your floors and in rooms. Often times, when you install a flooring you can see a colour difference after it has been covered by furniture or exposed to the sun. This will not happen with Quick-Step Rustic as the laminate is protected from exposure to normal sunlight conditions. This ensures your floors will keep their natural and original colour for years. If you are the owner of a floor heating, and fear that a laminate floor it is inappropriate, you can rest assured.

Quick Installation Thanks to a Unique System

Whether you have experience with laying laminate flooring or not, you can easily install this Quick-Step laminate. The innovative and revolutionary Uniclic click system give you the chance to lay your new floors like a pro. This system was designed to simplify the laying process as much as possible. In conventional click systems, you must click the boards together by angling one board into another and clicking down. This can make it difficult to install in places where there are tight corners or low spaces. The Uniclic system allows you to quickly and easily install your floors and even readjust them after. This revolutionary system does what no other system can; you can stall the floors by horizontally clicking them together. Without having to angle the boards, you will not face any problems when installing where space is limited.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your floors has never been easier. The Rustic collection is made to be easy and simple to clean. It is thanks to the multiple protective layers that come together, that create a resilient floor, even against dirt and spills. The finishing coat prevents dirt and dust form penetrating, making it even easier for you to keep your floors spotless. Even though there are numerous factors working together to protect your floor, you should still take the best care of it that you can. Any liquid that is spilled should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent and damage to the protective layer and the floor, regular sweeping or vacuuming should also take place as this will remove any debris that could potentially harm or scratch your floor.

BRICOFLOR Offers the Best Price, Best Service and Best Choice

BRIOCLFLOR places great emphasis on customer service and prides itself on providing a range of high quality products from top manufactures. If you have any questions, you can contact our specialized staff that is available to assist you. Because of the large selection of products and collections, you may have trouble choosing which one you want. To help solve this problem, we offer a free sample service that will allow you to take a better, closer look at the products before you buy them. BRICOFLOR provides the best quality products at low prices, insuring that you get the best deal possible.


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