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2 Item(s) 

Forbo Click LVT: High Quality with Experience

Global leader in the flooring industry, predicting collections of LVT for both residential and commercial markets. Forbo combines the necessity of functional vinyl floors with the desire for colour and design quality appearances, to create a high quality and appealing luxury vinyl floor. These qualities offer you a flooring solution that will satisfy any and every space and ambiance. Luxury vinyl flooring is a highly innovative and popular product on the market, and Forbo is a lasting and unique candidate in this mix. Presenting products that excel and impress in quality, features, and appearance.

Range of Colours and Designs by Forbo Flooring

The ranges offered by Forbo present finite details in the structure and surface of the floor that create a realistic and authentic replica of true wood. The textures and natural material bring an authentic expression to the floors. The collections vary between classic wood oak designs to modern stone decors. Giving you the opportunity to create, choose and design any ambiance that you desire. There is something to fit every need and every room. Forbo makes their floorings comfortable and efficient. Not only will you enjoy the beautiful wood designs of your luxury click vinyl floor, you will also benefit from not having to deal with any splintering, cracking or squeaking.

Allura Click

The Allura Click is a high quality, interlocking luxury vinyl flooring that is available in easy to install vinyl planks. Allura Click is a durable and affordable solution for both residential and commercial use. Allura Click is known for its combination of robustness and design, which is ideal for use in high stressed environments such as offices, or even areas of light industrial use. Weather tiled or planked, these floors contain grains and grooves to make the appearance more realistic. Allura Click is sure to have exactly the style and colour you are searching for; this luxury vinyl flooring is available in two formats, tile and plank, to increase your selection of design and creativity. Allura Click is made to create a homey and warming atmosphere in the traditionally cold and industrial commercial spaces.

Impressive Qualities and Durable Structures

High performance flooring with a durable and resistant structure. Forbo floors, with their 33 and 42 wear classes, are designed to withstand heavy commercial use and general industrial use. These floors are meant to be used for their durability and robustness. The .55mm wear layer protects the floors design and appearance, enhancing the floors resistance against scratching and wearing. This manufacturer also makes their floors slip resistant and abrasion resistant, to ensure their resilience in any setting. These click system vinyl floors are made to be used with castor chairs and are even protected against chemicals that may be spilled on the ground. The structure of these floors are made up of a glass fleece core that stabilizes the flooring and creates a base for a strong and durable build. To enhance these floors even further, they are coated with a PUR finishing. This coating is a suit of armour for the floor, it protects and resists against it all. Scratching, abrasions, foot traffics, wearing and even seals against water and other spills. This is a major contributor to what makes this floor so durable, and helps to naturally keep the floors clean by locking out water dust and dirt.

Effortless Installation & Maintenance

Vinyl click floorings are some of the simplest installation methods you can use with a luxury vinyl floor. It is recognized as being a DIY type of project, as anyone can lay these floors regardless of their experience levels. Even someone who has never installed a floor before can do it. The flooring is equip with an innovative and immensely popular installation system of click locking technology. By simply clicking one board into another, you can install these vinyl floors quickly and without any extra hassle. A combination of click systems for horizontal and vertical locking of the individual planks or tiles ensures your floors are installed securely and safely. The individual planks or tiles are hooked tongue and groove at an angle and then gently lowered until they click together. Regardless of your skill level, whether you are a professional or have never installed before, you can complete this task in just a few simple steps. The maintenance of these floors are just as simple. Because of the wonderful and protective PUR finishing layer, simple regular cleaning is all that needs to be done. No special chemicals or treatments are needed. You can simply remove any dust or dirt by vacuum and stains and spots with a damp mop. Its that easy.

Forbos Sustainability Practices

Forbo produces its products with the environment and your health in mind. Forbos products are 100% recyclable and are produced using green energy in efficient manufacturing factory. Their vinyl floors are phthalate free and safe to be used in any room or space. Forbo provides the most sustainable alternative in luxury vinyl flooring, as it is made using recycled content and raw materials, which are transformed into a consistent and high quality floor. By constantly improving and increasing its efficiency in its use of resources, this manufacture minimizes the damages and pollution it produces and reuses as much of its wastes a possible.

Collections by Forbo available at BRICOFLOR

BRICOFLOR offers you the chance to obtain these Forbo products at an affordable price. With years of experience, BRICOFLOR supplies only the highest quality products from the best producers in the market. Forbo collections are available online, order a free sample and see for yourself the quality and pleasant aesthetics of these luxury vinyl floors.


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