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Gerflor Vinyl Click Flooring: The Choice of Quality

The French manufacture Gerflor is known for being a provider of high quality luxury vinyl flooring and other flooring solutions. For more than 70 years, and with a worldwide presence, Gerflor has become an indispensable player in the flooring industry. Gerflor is a top provider worldwide in vinyl flooring, and has built its reputation on its expertise and its ability to offer diverse collections. Luxury vinyl planks from Gerflor are available in every option and ranges in wood and stone tiles. They are made for every situation as well, residential, domestic and even industrial. Gerflor makes their floors highly resistant, and can withstand heavy circumstances, yet they are smooth, comfortable and of course beautiful. These versatile click system vinyl floors whether for private homes, commercial or industrial sector are a modern and easy to install solution for everyone.

Modern Gerflor Designs and Decors

The design selection of the click vinyl floors proves that Gerflor knows what its customers want. Both wood and stone decors, from light beech replicas to dark ceramic designs, you can find everything you desire with this collection. Gerflor has a close partnership with designers from around the world to bring you the latest and most popular trends. This also allows them to keep their customers anticipating for the next big design from Gerflor. New colours, textures, and designs are always being worked on to give a wider and more complete range to choose from. The designs are made to appear as though they are authentic wood or stone structures. The imitation is made real by attention to the fine details in the grains and grooves of the floors, giving a texture and feel of a natural wood floor that exudes elegance and simplicity. Gerflor presents patterns and colours associated with nature, with a natural charm of warm and muted colours to create a contrast-filled atmosphere With a range of designs, textures, details, and colours, these click system vinyl floors prove the high quality and dedication that Gerflor puts into its floors.

High Quality Gerflor Features

Gerflor provides a durable and hardwearing flooring that can be used in numerous situations and settings. The vinyl floors are strong and durable; thanks to the high wear classes and stable structure. The floors are slip resistant and fire resistant, making them safe and reliable in any room. The vinyl floors are coated with a PUR surface treatment making them even more resilient, and decreasing the likeness of being scratched or getting abrasions from normal wear and tear. This surface finish also gives the floor a sealed protection, making some of the floors water resistant and suitable for use in wet rooms. The sealing also allows for a quick and easy maintenance routine. Only regular light cleaning is necessary to keep these floors in top quality.

A Range of Gerflor Collections

While there are many click system luxury vinyl planks by Gerflor, there are a few that stand out in excellence. All of the collections possess the features and standards the Gerflor represents, while offering splendid designs and intricately embossed surfaces that excel in action and feel as natural possible. With choices from different qualities of wood and colorants, each collection presents something unique.

Senso Lock 20

Gerflor’s Senso Lock 20 allows you to achieve high standards of quality and design for only a fraction of the cost and effort. The Senso Lock 20 luxury vinyl flooring is natural looking and seamlessly emulate the unique looks and textures of stone and wood, providing you with an ideal flooring solution. What is more, this eco-friendly outstanding product is incredibly easy to install, maintain, and remove. The Gerflor Senso Lock 20 collection was heavily tested for durability and resistance, it can be used even in highly humid environments and it is safe for your family's health. The small overall thickness of the vinyl covering design with click-system, it is the ideal floor for renovations, a grinding of doors is not necessary.

Creation 30 Lock

Gerflor Creation 30 Lock is a resilient floor that is easily installed. This modern floor comes in 14 exciting wood and stone imitations and features an innovative click system for an easy installation. Formerly known as ‘Artline Lock’, this collection has been (and continues to be) a popular choice for homes all over the world. Due to a 0.3 mm wear layer and a PUR+ surface treatment, these luxury vinyl planks and tiles are extremely resilient and easy to clean. Besides being very robust, this floor also is eco-friendly, being 100% recyclable and low in VOC emissions.

Creation 55 Click System

The Creation Click Gerflor collection is made for unrestricted industrial use. With a wear class of 43 the luxury vinyl floor can be used for all areas. No load is too heavy for this floor and no stress too high. The Creation Click collection features the innovative installation system and features over 40 different designs and colours to choose from. Ranging in classical wooden oak designs to modern dark stone features, there is something to please every space.

Gerflor is Environmentally Aware

Gerflor sets a high benchmark for excellent quality and at the same time an ecologically responsible production of all their products. The vinyl laminate has no heavy metals or formaldehyde and is free from solvent-based printing ink and plasticizers. All of their products are eco-designed as a life-cycle assessment model to minimize their environmental impact. Gerflor is committed to the use of sound raw materials, making the floors 100% recyclable and as a result leaving a smaller environmental footprint. The factories and processes are environmentally friendly and fully meet the European standards. The floors have an A+ emissions rating and recycles sustainable products are incorporated into the production process. These luxury vinyl floors have also meet clean room environment norms and are made with bio-based plasticizers, making them safer for your health. Gerflor also offers a second life program, which customers can discard their flooring, helping to increase the recyclability of the products and reduce waste.

Quick and Innovative Gerflor Installation

Both economical and easy to install, these Gerflor flooring solutions no longer require any preparation of the support and are placed with great ease. Vinyl click LVT is a highly modern and innovative flooring that is extremely popular for DIY projects. Gerflor offers these floors with not only the innovative installation method but with high quality and durable structures too. By simple connecting tongue and groove together, you can lay your entire room with ease. There is no need for any adhesives or special tools, and it can even be installed by someone who has no prior experience with flooring. Gerflor is dedicated to providing more than just a floor, they want to have a product that is convenient and easy to use for any customer.

BRICOFLOR offers Gerflor Collections

In the online shop of BRICOLFOR you can now find something for all your renovation projects. BRICOFLOR provides high quality flooring created out of dedication, expertise and innovation can be found within the Gerflor collections for every taste and every project the perfect vinyl laminate. Offering all of the Gerflor collections, you have a choice of any pattern, colour and style you desire.


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