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7 Item(s) 

7 Item(s) 

Gerflor Senso Lock 20: Affordable Interlocking Luxury Vinyl Floor without Compromise

Hardwood and stone floors are without a doubt two of the most exquisite types of flooring you can get as they provide a luxurious look and feel to the rooms they adorn. However, they can also be costly. However, with Gerflor’s Senso Lock 20 collection of interlocking vinyl tiles and planks you can now achieve the same high standards of quality and design for only a fraction of the cost and effort. The Senso Lock 20 LVT floors are natural looking and seamlessly emulate the unique looks and textures of stone and wood, providing you with an ideal flooring solution. What is more, this eco-friendly outstanding product is incredibly easy to install, maintain, and remove. The Gerflor Senso Lock 20 collection was heavily tested for durability and resistance, it can be used even in highly humid environments and it is safe for your family's health.

Six Gerflor Senso Lock 20 Decors

The Senso Lock 20 Collection comes in six different varieties to suit any design. There are four types of vinyl planks, which imitate hardwood and two sorts of vinyl tiles that emulate slate and stone flooring. Given the wide choice of styles available in the Senso Lock 20 collection, you will definitely be able to find your favourite design and the best flooring for your home. Gerflor Senso Lock 20 contains two light stone designs that will brighten any space. For a more modern and simple look, there is a light grey tone, however to create a warm and bright environment, there is a cream colours stone. On the other hand, there are also four gorgeous wood designs available. No matter if you choose the white vintage style or the medium honey tone, the interlocking vinyl planks in the Senso Lock 20 collection will make any room stand out. All of the Gerflor vinyl floors are made with a nature realistic appearance, topped with an authentic feel, to make the wood seem real.  This wide range of options to choose from guarantees that Gerflor Senso Lock 20 will be able to fit any requirements and beautifully decorate your home.

High Quality Flooring that Lasts: Gerflor Senso Lock 20

Senso Lock 20 is heavily tested and engineered so you can enjoy a durable, high quality floor that is made to last. This Gerflor luxury vinyl floor comes with a European certification of 22 for residential use with regular traffic, making it a perfect solution for all your home renovations. Thanks to the 0.2mm, wear layer, the floors are resistant to wear and tear. On the surface, a strong and durable PUR coating enhances these floors to be resistant to scratches, abrasions, prevents dirt and stains from settling into the floor. The vinyl floor is proven to withstand environmental changes like humidity and temperature changes as well as high levels of pressure, so they maintain their shape and colour throughout any wear and tear. The floors have excellent thermal conductivity, making them suitable for use with underfloor heating systems and are slip and fire resistant, giving these floors an all-around high quality status.

Senso Lock 20 LVT: Premium Interlocking System that anyone can install

Gerflor brings an innovative “click” fitting system to their Senso Lock range, which allows a hassle-free, quick and easy installation of whole rooms by a single person. This means that absolutely anyone can do it, no matter their level of experience with flooring, whether a professional or have never installed before. If you want to save money on hiring a professional, you can even fit the vinyl click floors yourself. Furthermore, the “click” system does not require the use of any additional adhesives or special equipment. The interlocking vinyl floor planks and tiles can all be very easily cut with a retractable utility knife and can be effortlessly fitted to match the exact size of the room. By simply connecting the planks tongue and groove, the flooring lays with ease and with no need for any adhesives or special tools.

Safety Guaranteed with all Senso Lock 20 Vinyl Flooring

Gerflor take health, safety and environmental concerns very seriously. Thus, the Senso Lock 20 click vinyl flooring adheres to a series of rules and regulations that certify their safety and their nature-friendliness. Certified by the ISO and 100% recyclable, Gerflor Senso Lock is produced with care for the environment. Furthermore, these floors pose no risk whatsoever to you or your family as they are free from formaldehyde, lead, heavy metals, solvents, plasticizers and glue, and have very low emission rates. Gerflor also offers a Second life program that allows customers to recycle their products and reduce waste. This helps them reduce environmental impact during every stage of the floorings life and the production process.

BRICOFLOR provides the full Gerflor Senso Lock 20 Collection

You can explore and compare the various colours and textures of this Gerflor click system flooring online with BRICOFLOR UK. They have a collection of products from all of the top manufactures and high quality luxury vinyl floors to provide you with only the best selection for your home. You can browse all of the Gerflor Senso Lock collection as well as many others from Gerflor and other top producers. Compare, browse, and order a sample to see for yourself.


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