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15 Item(s) 

Gerflor Senso Lock 30 Click Vinyl Flooring: Resistant and Durable Collection

Gerflor uses its expertise to offer diversified vinyl click flooring, renews and innovates its range of products each year. Vinyl Click Flooring is one of the high quality products Gerflor produces. Gerflor offers innovations with new ranges and retains a certain classicism. Soft and comfortable for walking, Senso Lock collections are unique in their many variances of woodland colours while increasing visual textures. This quality offers original and attractive colours to satisfy your desires and allow you to create a unique world in itself. With a unique clip system, Senso Gerflor Lock 30 has an easy installation while providing safety and comfort you in your interior space. This collection combines strength, design, elegance and reliability in your interior space. Thus, Gerflor is the only company to combine manufacturing technologies to provide high quality at an attractive price. In addition, this vinyl floor brings you an amazing atmosphere of well-being and without a complex modernity. Choose one of the 17 different decors of this Gerflor vinyl floor and make your space your own.

Unique colours and Gerflor Senso Lock 30 Designs 

This high quality luxury vinyl flooring offers a wide range of decors and colours to choose from that will fit your visual and decorative ideas. Senso Lock 30 has unique wood textures and neutral tones, soft and rustic woods and give the impression that it was crafted from natural wood. These floors evoke a timeworn look from an authentic vintage yet modern style. The features of natural wood tone and sleek sophisticated textures bring the wood to an impressive level of realism. The different shades of wood and stone create endless opportunities for every space. The 11 wood variations and 5 stone imitations provide a range of classic woods and modern grey stone looks. Gerflor click vinyl floors bring both modernity and authenticity to your home and differentiates itself from other collections through its high quality and detailed appearance.

Senso Lock 30 Robust Features

Senso Lock 30 is a high performing vinyl flooring that that possess many technical. The texture of this blade is unique and exceptional because it consists of layers treated with an innovative Gerflor technology that presents a thick and extremely reliable structure. A wear class of 23 and 31 corresponds to moderate frequency of passage, giving these floors a wider range of use in many areas. Offering multiple qualities, Senso Lock 30 collection isolates all noise from impacts from things like heels or falling objects. Click vinyl adopts a highly resistant profile that is compatible with the underfloor heating, so it conducts heat and does not block its effectiveness. The click vinyl flooring will fit in any room of your home whether it be the kitchen, the living room, hallway or even the bedroom. You can even use it in bathrooms, as Gerflor Senso Lock 30 is suitable for installation in damp rooms. In addition, these floors are resistant to fading due to sunlight. With a PUR surface treatment, Senso Lock 30 is slip resistant and has excellent dimensional stability. The coating also makes the floor very easy and simple to clean and maintain as it seals out any settling dirt or spills.

Ecological Commitment

Gerflor vinyl floor has an A + emission class rating; this means that it is healthy for your space and your indoor air. Senso Lock 30 is made without lead or other harmful chemicals. This flooring is made in such as way because Gerflor is committed to the conservation of the environment. Therefore, all their products, including Senso Lock 30, are 100% recyclable. During the production, they attempt to minimize the environmental impact and do not use any harmful materials during the manufacturing process. Gerflor also provides a Second Life Program that helps to reduce the amount of waste, and recycle old flooring into the production of new floors.

Easy and Quick Installation

Gerflor brings an innovative “click” fitting system to their Senso Lock range, which allows a hassle-free, quick and easy installation of whole rooms by a single person. This means that absolutely anyone can do it, no matter their level of experience with flooring, whether a professional or have never installed before. If you want to save money on hiring a professional, you can even fit the vinyl click floors yourself. Furthermore, the “click” system does not require the use of any additional adhesives or special equipment. The interlocking vinyl floor planks and tiles can all be very easily cut with a retractable utility knife and can be effortlessly fitted to match the exact size of the room. By simply connecting the planks tongue and groove, the flooring lays with ease and with no need for any adhesives or special tools.

Order Gerflor Senso Lock 30 Online at BRICOFLOR

You can explore and compare the various colours and textures of this Gerflor click system flooring online with BRICOFLOR UK. They have a collection of products from all of the top manufactures and high quality floors to provide you with only the best selection for your home. You can browse all of the Gerflor Senso Lock collection as well as many others from Gerflor and other top producers. Compare, browse, and order a sample to see for yourself. Discover all the best LVT flooring options on BRICOFLOR UK online shop and enjoy our guarantees and our best price.


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