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Gerflor Senso Lock Plus: Versatile and Durable Vinyl Click Flooring

Gerflor is a French company specializing in vinyl floor design and high quality click vinyl floors. Present worldwide, the company is a multi-specialist for any professional or domestic space. The French company has built its reputation on its expertise and its ability to offer diverse products by renewing its collections every year and always innovating. This year's innovation lies in Senso Lock Plus vinyl click floor. Gerflor is the only company to combine plank-manufacturing technology in order to offer very attractive prices for high quality collections such as Senso Lock Plus. The core value of the company is to always produce better and innovate constantly to offer the best e to always satisfy your desires and expectations. Senso Lock Plus combines strength, design, elegance and reliability to your indoor space. The floor will confer an exceptional atmosphere to your home while creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. LVT floors are available in a multitude of realistic and realistic sets that will convince you, both technically and visually. Of unwavering resistance and nice touch, vinyl blade will convince you.

A Selection of Gerflor Senso Lock Plus Exceptional Decors

Gerflor Senso Lock Plus is an innovative product not only in terms of its characteristics but also from the perspective of its texture and design. The appearance of this floor is realistic and gives an amazing wood appearance. The flooring delivers a true impression of natural wood and, with Gerflor’s ever-expanding range of colours; you have endless options to choose from. The colour palette ranges from beige wood or white to more intense and darker grey and brown colours. The multitude of colours has something one thing in common: the beautiful textured imitations. Shades of brown and dark grey will combine perfectly with your household furniture, all in a pampering environment Gerflor Senso Lock Plus is available to clip slab size with impressive tile and concrete imitations. You can adapt to any ambiance, whether it be an old wood décor, or more classic natural wood designs.

Implementation and Installation

Gerflor brings an innovative “click” fitting system to their Senso Lock range, which allows a hassle-free, quick and easy installation of whole rooms by a single person. This means that absolutely anyone can do it, no matter their level of experience with flooring, whether a professional or have never installed before. If you want to save money on hiring a professional, you can even fit the vinyl click floors yourself. Furthermore, the “click” system does not require the use of any additional adhesives or special equipment. The interlocking vinyl floor planks and tiles can all be very easily cut with a retractable utility knife and can be effortlessly fitted to match the exact size of the room. By simply connecting the planks tongue and groove, the flooring lays with ease and with no need for any adhesives or special tools.

An Eco-responsible Vinyl Floor

This range of Gerflor click vinyl flooring is designed with recycled materials and without a negative effect on the environment. Gerflor vinyl floor has an A + emission class rating; this means that it is healthy for your space and your indoor air. Senso Lock 30 is made without lead or other harmful chemicals. This flooring is made in such as way because Gerflor is committed to the conservation of the environment. Therefore, all their products, including Senso Lock 30, are 100% recyclable. During the production, they attempt to minimize the environmental impact and do not use any harmful materials during the manufacturing process. Gerflor also provides a Second Life Program that helps to reduce the amount of waste, and recycle old flooring into the production of new floors.

Gerflor Senso Lock Plus For increased Robustness

The advantage of the vinyl click collection Senso Lock Plus is the thickness of the wear layer. With a thickness of 0.55 mm, there is a strong and durable structure to these planks. In addition to this impressive wear layer, there is an additional PUR+ varnish protective layer that protects the surface from scratches, bumps and abrasions. Gerflor Senso Lock Plus, with a wear class of 33/42, can be used in a variety of settings and is compatible with domestic and commercial environments increased resistance to the high frequency transition. This collection of vinyl click flooring can be used with use of castor chair, has sound insulation, is slip resistant and has good thermal conductivity, meaning it can be used with underfloor heating. This LVT is suitable for installation in damp rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom and is made to a conventional security standard for any interior.

 Gerflor Senso Lock Plus Online at BRICOFLOR

Whether for professional or private use, Senso Lock Plus is the idea fit for your interior space, home or commercial space. The online store BRICOFLOR delivers the entire collection of Senso Lock Plus at the best price. Order samples of Gerflor via our website in order to view and touch the product you are interested. You can browse all of the Gerflor Senso Lock collection as well as many others from Gerflor and other top producers. Compare, browse, and order a sample to see for yourself. Discover all the best LVT flooring options on BRICOFLOR UK online shop and enjoy our guarantees and our best price.


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