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1 Item(s) 

Quick-Step LIVYN Balance Click (Plus): The Vinyl Floor for Every Requirement

Quick-Step provides all types of flooring solutions that are of the highest quality and contain the latest technology and feature the newest trends. The vinyl planks  of Balance Click and Balance Click Plus are available in 22 different variations of wooden designs. Each plank measures 125.1 x 18.7cm with a thickness of 4.5mm. The high quality of this vinyl combines robustness and elegance that allows Quick-Step to confidently back its flooring products.

Elegant Wood Designs with Quick-Step LIVYN Balance Click (Plus)

The natural wood appearance of these vinyl floors are made to imitate the natural character of wood, down to the last detail, and with a matt finish, they are hardly distinguishable from a real wood floor. The 22 colours range from bright cream tones to rich dark brown oaks, leaving no space without a perfect match. Each colour not only brings new shades but also incorporates varied designs in with wood structure. With an interplay of wood grains, tones, and textures. The three dimensional surface help to make these Quick-Step vinyl floors even more realistic. The wide range of wood designs are accompanied by realistic bevels and structures that enhance the true nature of wood.

Durability and Reliability through Great Innovation: Quick-Step LIVYN Balance Click (Plus)

The Balance Click and Click Plus are not only aesthetically appealing; they have numerous technical advantages that will make these vinyl floors the ideal choice for any space. With a wear class rating of 32, the floors can be used in both residential and commercial spaces with confidence. Protected by a Scratch Guard and Stain Guard coating, stains, scratches, abrasions and scuffs are not an issue for these resilient floors. The surface coating also helps make the vinyl floors extremely easy to clean and maintain. The surface of the planks are quiet, soft and comfortable to walk on. They are also 100% waterproof. This means that the planks are the perfect solution for any room in the house, including bathrooms and kitchens. Quick-Step Balance Click and Click Plus vinyl flooring can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems and have low heat transfer resistance, making your space pleasant and warm.

Quick and Easy Installation Thanks to a Revolutionary Click System

The installation of the vinyl floor Quick-Step LIVYN Balance Click (Plus) offers strong advantages compared to other manufacturers. This system was designed to simplify the laying process as much as possible. In conventional click systems, you must click the boards together by angling one board into another and clicking down. This can make it difficult to install in places where there are tight corners or low spaces. The Uniclic Multifit system allows you to quickly and easily install your floors and even readjust them after. This revolutionary system does what no other system can; you can stall the floors by horizontally clicking them together. Plus, because of the width of these planks, there is a third drop down method that allows the short side of the plank to be easily liked together. Without having to angle the boards, you will not face any problems when installing where space is limited. This system, in combination with their high flexibility and low overall thickness of only 4.5 mm, makes it possible to install the vinyl in tight corners, odd angles and low spaces. The Uniclic installation system allows for a fast and easy installation for everyone, regardless of their experience or skill level.

Environmentally Aware and Nature Conscious

Quick-Step takes the environment and earth very seriously, they understand the strain that manufacturing and production process can have on the environment, and they strive to have a respect for the natural environment and to preserve it. Quick-Step makes a conscious effort to minimize their impacts on the environment and to reduce their waste. They use raw materials and have invested in equipment to help actively reduce the energy used during production. The collections also comply with multiple environmental standards and regulations to ensure they are doing their part in preserving the environment.

Order the Quick-Step Vinyl Balance Click (Plus) from BRICOFLOR

BRICOFLOR strives to offer only the best quality products from top manufactures. With the wide range of vinyl products available online, BRICOFLOR knows you may need to see the product to truly know which dolour you desire, that is why they offer a free sample service. Since renovating can add up, BRICOFLOR also offers a lowest price guarantee. You can search through all the Quick-Step vinyl collections, and those from other manufactures as well.

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