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1 Item(s) 

Quick-Step LIVYN Pulse Click: The Versatile Vinyl in Elegant Wood Optics

The Pulse Click and Pulse Click Plus vinyl flooring collections from Quick-Step are made to be extra wear-resistant long and wide planks. The larger dimensions of 151 x 21 cm make the planks sturdier and more reliable. Pulse Click and Click Plus aim to bring natural beauty to the floors while setting new standards for the vinyl flooring industry.

Convincing in Three Dimensions: Quick-Step LIVYN Pulse Click Captivates with Realistic Design

Quick-Step Pulse Click and Click Plus collections cover a range of 20 newly designed wooden colours and designs. The colours cover everything from creamy whites to rich dark browns, and even include a variety of designs to go with it. You can find everything from vintage and reclaimed looks to smoother modern styles. Finished with a matte surface, and equip with a three-dimensional surface structure, the wooden structure becomes almost indistinguishable from a real wood floor. Each plank is designed to have its own unique shades and tones. This natural variation between planks lets to wood appear more lifelike, as opposed to being printed from a reoccurring pattern.

High Performance through Technical Finesse with Quick-Step LIVYN Pulse Click

Pulse Click and Click Plus are not only appealing on the surface. Due to its high technical performance, the vinyl laminate Quick-Step LIVYN Pulse Click is not only suitable for installation in the home, but also for use in the commercial areas as well (wear class 32/33). The vinyl of this collection, like all products of the LIVYN series from Quick-Step, is 100% water-resistant. This makes it possible to use the Pulse collections in wet rooms, like the kitchen or even bathroom. The Scratch Guard surface in combination with the waterproof properties protects the vinyl against damage such as scratches and abrasions. It also ensures that even stubborn stains are easily removed, meaning simple maintenance and cleaning. The specially designed planks of the LIVYN Pulse Click and Click Plus collections have a particularly soft surface, which not only makes walking feel more comfortable, but also reduces the sound in the room. To increase the comfort of the floors, they are suitable to be used with underfloor heating systems. The planks also have anti-slip properties, which makes them all the more suitable for use in commercial or wet area. Of course, the vinyl also complies with the official fire protection requirements (Bfl-s1). These technical advantages, combined with elegant looks, make this vinyl flooring the ideal all-purpose flooring.

Quick-Step Uniclic Multifit allows for Fast and Easy Installation

The installation of the vinyl floor Quick-Step LIVYN Pulse Click (Plus) offers strong advantages compared to other manufacturers. This system was designed to simplify the laying process as much as possible. In conventional click systems, you must click the boards together by angling one board into another and clicking down. This can make it difficult to install in places where there are tight corners or low spaces. The Uniclic Multifit system allows you to quickly and easily install your floors and even readjust them after. This revolutionary system does what no other system can; you can stall the floors by horizontally clicking them together. In addition, because of the width of these planks, there is a third drop down method that allows the short side of the plank to be easily liked together. Without having to angle the boards, you will not face any problems when installing where space is limited. This system, in combination with their high flexibility and low overall thickness of only 4.5 mm, makes it possible to install the vinyl in tight corners, odd angles and low spaces. The Uniclic installation system allows for a fast and easy installation for everyone, regardless of their experience or skill level.

Benefit from Service and Low Prices at BRICOFLOR

Order one of the LIVYN Pulse Click (Plus) series covers from Quick-Step at BRICOFLOR and profit from numerous advantages. BRICOFLOR offers you the full selection of all products in this and all other Quick-Step collections. You will not only benefit from our best price guarantee, but also from the large selection of the complete Quick-Step vinyl flooring collections. Should you, thanks to this huge selection, have trouble deciding, this is not a problem. We offer a free sample service to help you get a closer look at the products. BRICOFLOR offers the best quality flooring options at unbeatable prices.


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