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Special Offers on Click Vinyl Flooring: Premium Quality for Unbelievable Prices

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a modern and innovative solution to every flooring need. These floors are a highlight to the flooring market, and bring the top features together into one product. Luxury Vinyl flooring is high quality and durable product that is making its way to the top of the market. In comparison to other wood floorings, LVT is cheaper, easier to maintain, more reliable and half the less hassle. With these floors, you have more flexibility in use, and technical qualities, making it a universal and versatile product. Here you have a selection of the highest quality LVT floors, from the best manufactures, at a special offer due to limited availability. Do not hesitate to browse our special offer section in our online shop and find reliable floors for the best prices. You will not want to miss out on these great deals.

Providing Special Offers from Top Manufactures 

Offering a wide range of beautifully designed interlocking vinyl flooring that will meet any requirements and fit any preference taste and style. Luxury vinyl flooring is available in a variety of styles and designs in all shades and colours. There is a huge price benefit, giving you the best possible products for a better financial outcome. With products available from Top manufactures such as Gerflor and Tarkett, you have a range of products that give you every possible option you could wish for. There are many manufacturers of click vinyl floors; we offer you a choice from the most recognized manufacturers and their creations.


This American manufacturer presents beautiful floorings with a high price/performance ratio. Allure was one of the first to enter the LVT flooring trend, and is even said to be one of its founders. Known for their extremely high quality and detailed floors, Allure inspires new and innovative features of vinyl flooring, while bringing a knowhow that other companies lack. Thanks to Allure's top quality manufacturing, these floors can be used in residential and commercial environments, withstanding wear and tear. 


Gerflor vinyl floors are available in wood and mineral effects, giving any room a new look. This manufacture is very popular when it comes to choosing a floor for moderate traffic areas such as retail stores, offices and much more. These luxury vinyl planks are extremely durable and can withstand typical wear and tear as well as impacts and stains. Gerflor is dedicated to ensuring a sustainable production of their products, and the safety of their use. All of their floors are 100% recyclable and contain no harmful chemicals. These vinyl floors are high quality and offer a wide range of colour options.


Tarkett offers a range of modern and practical vinyl floors that can be utilized in any space. The floor is equip with hardwearing features that make the floor easy to clean and hassle free in every situation. Tarkett collections give a variety of designs in both stone and wood decors, in both brilliant colours and abstract grey scales. Tarkett promise to help the environment and provide a product that is safe and healthy for any living space. The finishing coat on Tarkett LVT allows for a durable and long lived floor.


With over 30 years of innovative experience, Wineo products are made using the strictest quality criteria, ensuring that every tile and plank brings about the highest level of customer satisfaction. With a range of wear classes, they can be used in a variety of areas and spaces. Wineo was one of the first to introduce click system vinyl floors, making them a pioneer in the area. They also offer a selection of natural wood decors that rival true wood floors.

Discount Luxury Vinyl Flooring available in a multitude of appealing designs and colours

In this section, you can pick from many different colours and a broad spectrum of designs. Depending on what you prefer most, our luxury vinyl floors are available in more traditional nuances such as brown oaks and tan pines. However, there are few more non-traditional choices for you, if you fancy a stone deigns or a dark black wood. You have the option to decide on a select range of colours, which also applies to choosing the design. There are traditional oak and wood deigns and even a few stone or tile designs. There is an extremely versatile offer that provides a flooring solution for anybody in need.

High-quality flooring with Hassle Free Installation

Our special offers are in no way inferior to the regular collections; there is only a certain amount available in our stock. These special LVT floors are available with different textures and colours. All of these special offer products are under the category of click system installation. Click system LVT is known for being easy to install and DIY friendly. You can lay them without the help of a professional in your home or office and there is no need to use any extra adhesives or special tools. Click LVT carries all the benefits of traditional glue down floors, but without the mess or hassle. The structure of the LVT click floors enables a more secure grip and significant strength compared to a simple solid wood flooring.  Ultimately, you have the possibility to buy special offer LVT that can match the quality for an unbeatable price. Whether you need improvement for your home or for your office, these immensely hardwearing and reliable products will provide a simple, yet efficient solution.

Visit us at BRICOFLOR UK and get your Special Offers today

Do not look any further! Browse special offers section and find your premium flooring solution for an amazing price. There is only a limited supply of these high quality floors for these special offers. You can obtain these durable, easy and reliable products for an affordable price and make your renovation dreams a reality.


 ✓ Special Offers on Click Vinyl Flooring

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