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Gerflor Senso Adjust

Loose-Lay Vinyl Laminate Gerflor Senso Adjust: The Latest Innovation in Floor Design

The loose-lay vinyl laminate Gerflor Senso Adjust is the Innovation of the Year from Gerflor. This French manufacturer is one of the industry leaders in Europe for designer vinyl flooring. Gerflor’s product range is high quality and extremely flexible in its usage. This product is suitable for both domestic and industrial use. The self-laying design makes it easier to install than ever before.

The First Removable Vinyl Tiles: Easy to Install and Easy to Replace

The loose-lay design of the Gerflor Senso Adjust allows each tile to be laid individually without having to be connected to other tiles. This makes the installation process easier than ever. The Gerflor Senso Adjust requires only 3 tools to be installed: a ruler, a utility knife, and a tape measure. Each individual tile of this vinyl-laminate floor is easily replaceable, making it a cost-effective to replace if a tile becomes damaged.

The Gerflor Senso Adjust is not only easy to install, this quality floor is aesthetically pleasing. The premium look and feel of this quality flooring bring a high-end feel to your home along with a versatility not available in other products. This high-end vinyl flooring is available in a variety of wood styles such as “Sunny White” and “Pecan.” These fresh designs maintain their wood appearance even with such light colour options.

The loose-laid floor covering with Senso Adjust - Technical sophistication in high quality

The Gerflor Senso Adjust has a total thickness of just 4.00 mm, making it a great height for renovations. This loose-lay designer floor can be laid over flat surfaces as well as over tile. The weight of the tiles (7600 g/m2) ensures that each tile is held securely in place. The durable PUR-hardened surface of this loose-lay vinyl flooring ensures that it will withstand the wear and tear of daily life in your home. Unlike real wood, these vinyl tiles will maintain their appearance without extra maintenance while also being easy to replace if necessary. This unique flooring option is designed to be used in wet room and is designed to be a non-slip surface. Additionally, the Gerflor Senso Adjust has integrated sound insulation. The Gerflor Senso Adjust is also compatible with underfloor heating.

Gerflor Senso Adjust vinyl tiles are not only stylish but eco-friendly

The vinyl tiles that make up the Gerflor Senso Adjust are 100% recyclable, making this flooring a responsible choice both for your home and for the environment. While it is extremely environmentally friendly, the vinyl laminate course meets the fire protection class (Bfl-s1) and is suitable for everyday household cleaning. Gerflor proves once again with the Senso Adjust that even high quality products can be produced in an environmentally friendly way. The loose-lay design flooring has no heavy metals or formaldehyde and is free from solvent-based ink, freeing you from any worries. If you are looking for a safe, responsible, and elegant flooring solution for your home, look no further than the Gerflor Senso Adjust.

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