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Gerflor Senso Rustic Antique Style

Gerflor Senso Rustic Antique Style: Self-Adhesive Vinyl Planks with a Unique Charm

This luxury vinyl flooring is exceptionally resilient and welcoming at the same time. With a perceptually structured surface, that perfectly imitates the appearance of natural wood. Gerflor Senso Rustic Antique Style collections are characterised by high quality and flexible deployment capabilities is 100% recyclable and very low in VOC emissions, giving you a comfortable floor that is also environmentally. This versatile floor, with a durable and lasting structure, can be used for homes. The self-adhesive vinyl flooring is composed of high quality, low prices, and a wide range of decors to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. The deigns are fanned by variations of Rustic and Rustic Antique styles, incorporating grooves and textures to create a realistic feel and look to the wood appearance.

Gerflor Senso Rustic Antique Offers Endless Benefits

The aesthetics of the vinyl flooring are incredibly realistic, combining precise finishes and diversity of features to the ends of each plank. Creating a seamless and beautiful natural looking floor. Gerflor Senso Rustic Antique differs from other LVT by its matte texture and ribbed flooring imitation, making it a high-quality product with an outstanding appearance. This quality will transform your home and embellish it. The adhesive vinyl, Gerflor Senso Rustic Antique, is waterproof, robust and non-slip and easy to maintain, in addition to being economic and ecological.

Authentic Wood Imitations

The adhesive PVC blade Gerflor Senso Rustic Antique is available in various colours. Whether a light brown or a range of more pronounced colours, Senso Rustic Antique can mimic the appearance wood without all the drawbacks of conventional wood floors. Soft and warm, Senso Rustic Antique Gerflor vinyl flooring has a surprising appearance of authenticity linked to the wear of time. The luxury vinyl flooring modern trend is that of a sober and authentic look. The Antique range of this collection offers deeper and more pronounced grain and knots, to authenticate the floor even more. Gerflor collections vary from clear and bright Nutmeg to a deep and intense Hazel wood.

Self-adhesive technology makes for a quick installation

Since these tiles and planks are equip with a self-adhesive backing, your new floor can be installed with ease. There is no longer a need to hire a professional or to stress about making an error; you can install your self-adhesive vinyl flooring without worry. Simply remove the protective film from the tiles to reveal the adhesive backing. Then, after making sure that your ground is even and free from dust and grease, it is as easy as placing the flooring where you wish and pressing down to secure the adhesive. You do not have hassle with applying any extra adhesives or using any specified equipment. The floor design is resistant to simple scratches and marks, leaving you with a durable and self-installed floor to be proud of.

Ecological Responsible Production: Protecting the Environment

Extremely resistant nature, the Gerflor Senso Rustic Antique offers an exceptional lifetime. The adhesive LVT floor protects your health since it is made without any harmful chemicals: no heavy metals, lead, toxic solvents or plastic. The adhesive LVT Senso Rustic Antique is produced under sustainable production, without harming the environment, which is why it enjoys the emission class A +. Thus, these quality Gerflor products are 100% recyclable without impact to you or to the environment. There is also no need to use harmful chemicals to clean the floors, keeping your home healthy and chemical free. Gerflor always ensures to manufacture its products ecologically and responsibly.

Resilient Gerflor Senso Rustic Antique for Everyone

Gerflor Senso Rustic Antique is the perfect floor for everyone, with a PUR treated surface that will guard your new floor against scratches and it makes it very easy to clean and ensure the preservation of your floors natural look. The Gerflor Rustic Antique benefits from a 0.20 mm wear layer allowing the adhesive vinyl to perform well against shocks, scratches or other scratches, and gives it a certain robustness even under moderate usages in frequent residential areas. Its class 22 rating makes it the perfect floor to be used in any household and residential space. Sweeping or vacuuming the floor regularly is enough to keep your floor clean, and tougher stains or messes can easily be removed with a damp towel or mop. Living with children or pets is not a problem, these Gerflor Senso floors make it easy for you to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying. These vinyl floors have high stability and are fade-resistant, making sure your floors stay as good as new for years to come. 

BRICOFLOR provides all Gerflor Senso Rustic Antique Collections

At BRICOFLOR, we offer Gerflor Senso Rustic Antique at the best online prices. If you would like to feel and see this product’s exceptional quality for yourself, do not hesitate to order your free samples today. With a range of colours and selections, you are given the choice of a selection of a high-quality easy to use product that can be guaranteed to satisfy. These Antique vinyl floors with bring a true and natural sense to any room.

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