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6 Item(s) 

6 Item(s) 

Gerflor Senso Urban – Trendy Vinyl Planks for any Urban Interior

Combining simplicity with elegance, self-adhesive Gerflor Senso Urban flooring has a well-deserved image of excellence to individuals for household use. These luxury self-adhesive vinyl floors feature natural parquet aesthetics, and stone and granite optics that will surely leave you speechless. The self-adhesive backing requires no additional glue and makes installation extremely simple. Gerflor Senso Urban is a must-have for quick and easy solutions. Available at a reduced cost for an incredible imitation wood, it is the right choice for any room, and offering a ribbed effect, the look is natural. All styles have a perceptibly structured surface that perfectly imitates the natural surface of wood or stone. This self-adhesive LVT is a trendy and modern interior offering with a sophisticated ambiance while combining comfort and serenity.

Urban Design meet Modern Processing with Senso Urban

This collection can match any interior and can adapt to any room with a stylish design. The self-adhesive LVT flooring provides comfort while reviving your interior. With a soft and smooth feel and realistic imitation, Gerflor brings you an unmatchable aesthetic of comfort and conviviality. The floor also arises to the occasion in every room, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and even bathrooms. Luxury Vinyl floors are resilient and most suitable for various kinds of domestic use. Besides these amazing features, Gerflor Senso Urban brings a range of colours and designs to please every eye. An incredible selection of wood veins and grooves that are the essence of realism. Among these wood options are also stone and granite designs, conjuring a modern and urban feel to every space. The granite variants transform and redefine the atmosphere into grace and elegance, bringing not only modernity but also individual character. These luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect high performance product.

A Modern Floor to Last for Decades

This excellent collection by Gerflor is very resilient. Therefore, it is the perfect floor for busy homes with lively children or pets. Gerflor Senso Urban has a natural wood effect and has all full of surprising advantages. With a total construction of 2.0 mm and a wear layer thickness of 0.20 mm, Gerflor self-adhesive Senso Urban collection is optimized for the use in living spaces. Together with the classification level of 22, the flexible design covering is ideal for normal-traffic living areas. Thus, the self-adhesive vinyl laminate can be used in a variety of spaces, such as living room, dining room and bedrooms, as well as corridors and similar spaces. The luxury vinyl flooring has a waterproof, fire, and wear-resistance surface to increase safety in your home. The floor is also equip with excellent acoustic insulation, and a PUR surface treatment that adds quality and resistance. The self-adhesive vinyl is truly a high performance flooring for a moderate price. Discover the many uses of this high quality flooring and coordinated technical requirements.

Easy Installation for professionals and amateurs alike

With new and innovative products, comes new designs, styles and processes. Thanks to the self-adhesive installation system on these Gerflor vinyl floorings, the days of hiring a professional fitter for installation are in the past. The process is simple and easy, requiring only a quick preparation. You can easily lay the floor in just a few steps. Remove the protective film backing and place the pieces where appropriate. You only need the pressure from your own two hands. There are no extra tools or special equipment needed. Thanks to these innovative qualities, you not only save yourself money and time, but installation can become a fun and easy DIY task.  

Building a Basis for a Bright Future

Gerflor knows the importance of handling of natural resources and sustainable development are and are working towards a better, green future. On average, their products are made from 25% recycled content and free from heavy metals, solvent-based inks and formaldehyde. With their “Second Life Programme”, Gerflor makes sure that production waste and used flooring material is recycled and re-used as ‘second life’ products. Senso Urban is part of this programme and is therefore 100% recyclable. It also is very low in VOC emissions, which is not only good for the environment, but also improves the indoor air quality in your home. All the tiles and planks is equipped with emission class A +, making your home a safe chemical free space.

Gerflor Senso Urban – Modern Vinyl Planks Online at BRICOFLOR

In addition to the numerous Gerflor collections currently available at BRICOFLOR, you can now also find Gerflor Senso Urban. Discover the modern designs that will transform you space into a contemporary setting. Combining modern urban style and classic wood features. These self-adhesive vinyl floors are a quality option for all your flooring needs. Shop all the Gerflor collections on BRICOFLORs online store. Feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns, or to request a tailored offer.


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