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2 Item(s) 

Extreme Longevity and Exceptional Looks: Get the best of both with the Tarkett iD Inspiration 55

The iD Inspiration 55 from Tarkett is a high-end luxury vinyl laminate flooring. There are nearly limitless design possibilities to this flooring range with a large selection of colours and surface textures.  The Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 is a glue-down vinyl flooring that is available as vinyl floor tiles or vinyl floor planks, depending on the design. The iD Inspiration 55 flawlessly mimics the appearance of wood and slate tiles. The iD Inspiration 55 was designed to suit the latest European trends and is made in Germany. You get a high quality vinyl floor tile or vinyl floor plank that is sure to last for many years to come. The iD Inspiration 55 is produced using 50% natural and 48% recycled material using a process that produces little emissions. The vinyl floor tiles and vinyl planks produced are all 100% recyclable. The 0.55mm PVC transparent wear layer makes the iD Inspiration 55 hardwearing and indentation resistant. With the TopClean XP PUR surface treatment, the iD Inspiration 55 is easy to clean and low maintenance. If you are in the market for an environmentally conscious vinyl floor product that does not compromise style or durability, then the iD Inspiration 55 is the ideal floor for your space.

iD Inspiration 55 has the latest European design and is produced in Germany

iD Inspiration has been created by our designers in Europe, drawing on the latest consumer experience trends as explored in our Tarkett Observer design studies. These planks are incredibly easy to install, needing few tools. These vinyl floor planks are produced in Germany, bringing Germany’s well known practicality to their design and production. The surface of these luxury vinyl floor planks is treated with a 0.55mm wear layer and Tarkett’s TopClean XP PUR surface treatment. This makes this flooring exceptionally durable as well as easy to clean. These luxury vinyl floor planks are designed to be quiet underfoot. These luxury vinyl floor planks look great too, as they perfectly replicate the appearance of wood.

Tarkett iD Inspiration 55 is economically and environmentally responsible

iD Inspiration 55 is made to exacting environmental standards – by minimizing impact on the environment, by contributing to people’s well-being and by reusing at end-of-life. With low VOC emissions, it contributes to optimal indoor air quality. iD Inspiration Click is a flooring made from 100% virgin PVC which is 100% recyclable in Tarkett’s factories. The TopClean XP PUR surface treatment means it requires fewer resources for cleaning, resulting in a better environmental footprint and excellent lifecycle cost.

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If you are in the market for high quality vinyl flooring, such as the Tarkett Inspiration 55, look no further than BRICOFLOR. Our online shop removes the middleman, ensuring you get the lowest possible prices without sacrificing on quality. BRICOFLOR has over 40 years of experience in the flooring industry, ensuring you get the best quality products available. Please feel free to peruse our online shop. If you find something you like and would like a sample, please order a free sample. Your sample will be delivered directly to your home, saving you the hassle of going to a shop.

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