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8 Item(s) 

8 Item(s) 

Southern Comforts – premium vinyl flooring by Distinctive Flooring

This outstanding collection by Distinctive Flooring consists of 8 elegant wood and tile imitations. These charming decors succeed in perfectly replicating natural wooden planks and stone because of their vivid colours and their perceptibly structured surface.

Southern Comforts "Rochester"

Southern Comforts "Salisbury"

Southern Comforts "Penzance"

Southern Comforts "Lyme Regis"

Southern Comforts "Canterbury"

Southern Comforts "Mevagissey"

Southern Comforts – enhancing comfort in your home

As the name already indicates, this extravagant collection by Distinctive Flooring will greatly improve the comfort in your home. Its premium spring backing is responsible for the increased cushioning of the floor, making walking more comfortable and joint-friendly. Since the vinyl sheets are suitable for underfloor heating systems, you can say good-bye to cold feet in winter. This collection’s beautiful wood and natural stone decors in warm colours will definitely create a positive atmosphere and complete a perfectly comfortable room.

Vinyl flooring Southern Comforts – a floor that is incredibly easy to clean

The vinyl’s special surface treatment makes this premium vinyl flooring extremely easy to maintain, meaning that you will not have to spend hours cleaning the floor. The protective wear layer (0.33mm) and the full surface treatment result in the floor being scratch and fade resistant and easy to clean. This way, you will have to spend less time scrubbing a floor that will look good for decades.

Southern Comforts – highest quality vinyl sheets

Several peculiar features guarantee this collection’s premium quality. One indicator for this product’s high quality is its dimensional stability, the ability to withstand shrinkage, expansion and any other kind of warping in general, making the vinyl sheets suitable for underfloor heating systems. Since the Southern Comforts collection combines a number of high-quality features, this premium vinyl flooring comes with a 12-year wear warranty.

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