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13 Item(s) 

13 Item(s) 

Town & Country – premium vinyl flooring by Distinctive Flooring

This collection by Distinctive Flooring consists of 14 modern wood and stone decors, combining authentic designs with highest quality. The wide range of styles will make it difficult for you to choose just one, as every design has its own special charm.


Town & Country "Cotswold Beige"

Town & Country "Design Tile Buff"

Town & Country "Portland Sand"

Town & Country "Design Tile Smokey"

Town & Country "Black Stripe Tile"

Town & Country "Walnut Stripe Tile"


Town & Country – vinyl flooring in modern and timeless designs

Take your time while looking through this collection. With its many different styles, Distinctive Flooring made sure that there is vinyl flooring for every taste. Whereas the “Cotswold” designs represent a wavy wood look in warm colours, the “Stripe Tile” decors contain ceramic imitations of wooden planks, and the “Portland” designs replicate modern and exclusive concrete floors. If you are looking for a more classical floor, “Design Tile” decors might be the right choice for you, as they imitate tiles in cream or anthracite. The extremely authentic look and feel of this vinyl flooring is achieved by a perceptibly structured and embossed surface, imitating natural cracks and joints.

Town & Country - vinyl flooring for everyone

With its 14 diverse decors, this collection caters for every preference and lives up to the highest expectations. Touching this excellent floor for the first time, you will immediately fall in love with its delicate surface finish.

Distinctive Flooring – highest quality vinyl flooring at an affordable price 

Protected by a high-performance wear layer (0.35mm) and sealed by a full surface protection, the vinyl sheets are scratch and fade resistant, ensuring that your floor will look good for decades to come. Another indication for Town & Country’s premium quality is its dimensional stability. The vinyl sheets are designed to withstand shrinkage, expansion and any kind of warping in general, making it suitable for underfloor heating systems and, in combination with the premium backing, incredibly easy to install. Convinced of the high quality of their product, Distinctive Flooring offer a 10 year warranty for this product.

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