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  • width available: 4m

Carpet Gaskell Wool Rich Waterloo "Knightsbridge Fawn" BRICOFLOR

Gaskell Wool Rich Waterloo "Knightsbridge Fawn"

  • 100% Wool
  • Made in Great Britain
  • WOW Warranty Programme
  • 23 Styles and Colour Options
Delivery Charges
£29.50 per order
Delivery Time
7-10 working days
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£89.96 per linear metre incl. VAT
correspond to £22.49 per m²
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Product characteristics: Gaskell Wool Rich Waterloo "Knightsbridge Fawn"

backing Jute Fabric
Construction Loop Pile
Width Available 4m
Usage Domestic
Pile Material 100% Wool

Product features

The Gaskell Wool Rich Waterloo is a fantastic example of the high quality wool carpets you can expect from Gaskell Wool Rich. This British made carpet is crafted from high-quality 100% wool fibres to create a sturdy 2-ply yarn. This fine yarn gives the Waterloo a soft and smooth texture that looks elegant and refined. The fine loops of this carpet pile are extremely durable a comfortable underfoot. The Gaskell Wool Rich Waterloo Collection offers three different styles: the Angel, Holborn, and Knightsbridge. These styles are all exceptional carpets, but offer slightly different textures suitable for your discerning taste. The Gaskell Wool Rich is available in 23 different style and colour combinations, ensuring that you find the perfect carpet for your space. If you are still unsure about this fantastic wool carpet, keep in mind the many benefits of wool carpeting. Wool carpets are naturally stain resistant, fire resistant, exceptionally durable, and comfortable. The qualities of wool keep your home safe and cosy without resorting to unnatural chemicals. The Gaskell Wool Rich is backed by the WOW Warranty Programme. This programme ensures that your carpet maintains its fantastic quality, even offering professional care if necessary. If you are interested in high-end, stylish carpets that comfortable and durable, then the Gaskell Wool Rich Waterloo is a fantastic choice.

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