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Vinyl Laminate - Gerflor Insight “Milington Oak”

  • Vinyl Laminate - Gerflor Insight “Milington Oak”
  • Vinyl Laminate - Gerflor Insight “Milington Oak”

Gerflor Insight Clic "Milington Oak"

  • Extremely Robust (Wear Class 33/42)
  • Authentic Wooden Appearance with a Realistic Surface Finish
  • Click-System for a Simple and Fast Installation
  • Unique Beveled Appearance
Delivery Charges
£20.00 per order
Delivery Time
10-12 working days
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£86.15 per package incl. VAT
correspond to £48.95 per m²
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Product characteristics: Gerflor Insight Clic "Milington Oak"

Style Medium Wood
Commercial Use Yes
backing Vinyl
Surface Finish PUR+
Total weight 8260g/m²
Wear Layer 0.55mm
Residual Indentation ≤ 0.1mm
Dimensional Stability ≤ 0.15%
Wear Resistance T
Fastness to Light ≥ 6
Total Thickness 5mm
dimensions 17.6 x 100cm
Planks/Tiles per Pack 10 Planks = 1.76 m²
Burning Behaviour Bfl-s1
Impact Noise Reduction 5dB
Thermal Conductivity 0.25W/mK
Installation System Click System
Slip Resistance R9
Composition Vinyl

Product features

Gerflor Insight consists of a select range of high quality vinyl laminate floors, containing a wide range of styles and an authentic wooden appearance. Thanks to the large range of various wooden styles, and colours available (ranging from a dark, impressionable brown to a bright, comforting grey) you are guaranteed to find a style that will suite you. Gerflor have spent a great deal of time trying to replicate the look and feel of a real traditional wooden floor. Gerflor Insight comprises of a finely finished surface floor, which creates the impression of a true wooden floor directly under your feet. A unique feature of Gerflor Insight is the beveled edges running round each plank, this feature defines the floor board, giving each plank a separate appearance from the next., resulting in the impression of floor boards been neatly installed next to each other, as opposed to a large, single, smooth floor. Gerflor Insight is also manufactured to the highest build quality meaning it is exceptionally robust and hard wearing. Rated for a Use Class of 33 and 42, this means that the floor can be installed in light industrial settings, with is no need to worry about it being damaged.  Gerflor Insight also has a PUR coating, which renders the floor scratch and mark proof, with the added advantage of it being very easy to clean and maintain. Installing Gerflor Insight couldn’t be simpler, Gerflor’s patented click system allows for quick and easy installation, even without basic preparation of the subfloor or trowel application. Furthermore, Gerflor Insight can be uninstalled thanks to the floating installation system, allowing you to take the vinyl laminate flooring along with you when moving.