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Laminate Quick-Step Largo "Natural Varnished Merbau" BRICOFLOR

  • Laminate Gerflor TopSilence "Largo Medium" - BRICOFLOR
  • Laminate Gerflor TopSilence "Largo Medium" - BRICOFLOR
  • Laminate Gerflor TopSilence "Largo Medium" - BRICOFLOR
  • Laminate Gerflor TopSilence "Largo Medium" - BRICOFLOR

Gerflor TopSilence "Largo Medium"

  • Innovative 4-layer build
  • Exceptional level of sound absorption (18dB)
  • Easy to install thanks to the ‘Vertical-Click System’
  • Suitable for the Home or Office (Wear Class 23/32)
Delivery Charges
£20.00 per order
Delivery Time
10-12 working days
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£76.91 per package incl. VAT
correspond to £52.32 per m²
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Product characteristics: Gerflor TopSilence "Largo Medium"

Colouring Brown
Design Medium wood
Amount per Box 6 Planks = 1,47 m²
dimensions 129 x 19 cm
Total Thickness 9,5 mm
Total Weight 7.970 g/m²
Bevel No bevelled edge
Fire Behaviour Bfl-s1 (B1)
Impact Noise Reduction 18 dB

Product features

Gerflor TopSilence is a high performing flooring that provides exceptional levels of durability, cushioning and warmth underfoot with up to 10 times the sound insulation of a traditional laminate flooring. A multilayered laminate floor that combines the advantages of a laminate floor with the resistance of a vinyl floor.  The main feature of Gerflor TopSilence is its four-layered construction, the ‘4TECH SYSTEM’.  The first layer is a 0.35mm thick PU varnished wear layer which protects the laminate floor against heel marks, dents and scratches, which could visually impair your laminate floor.  Under the surface layer lies an elastic vinyl layer, which is intertwined with a soft layer of fibers, creating a unique, cushioned, walking experience. Under the vinyl layer lies a sound insulation layer.  Due to its 18dB sound absorption rate, Gerflor TopSilence is 10 times less noisy than a ‘standard’ laminate flooring, and results in 50% less echo.  As there is already a sound absorption layer built into the floor, there is now no need to lay a sub layer.  The final layer comprises of a 7.5mm thick High Density Wood, which acts as a stabilizer for the entire floor.  Gerflor TopSilence couldn’t be simpler to install, with Gerflor’s ‘Vertical Click’installation system you simply click the planks into place, there is even no need to hire a handyman.  Gerflor TopSilence is extremely resilient, with a Wear Class of 23/32, a fire rating of Bfl S1, suitable for both castor wheel chairs and underfloor heating, meaning Gerflor TopSilence is the perfect laminate flooring for the home or office, it can even be installed in a light industrial settings.  With Gerflor TopSilence you have the choice of choosing between a mineral–effect planks and wooden-effect planks.  With designs ranging from a light, cream wood, to a darker, fuller wood, you’re guaranteed to find a style that will suit you. 


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