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  • order unit: 16 carpet tiles

Interface Barricade One "4118002 Anthrazite"

  • Interface Barricade One "4118002 Anthrazite"
  • Interface Barricade One "4118002 Anthrazite"
  • Interface Barricade One "4118002 Anthrazite"
  • Interface Barricade One "4118002 Anthrazite"
  • Interface Barricade One "4118002 Anthrazite"

Interface Barricade One "4118002 Anthrazite"

  • Textured velour quality
  • Entrance matting with a wear classification of 33
  • Built-in monofilament scrapers
  • Loose-lay
Delivery Charges
£10.00 per order
Delivery Time
8-10 working days
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£13.75 per carpet tile incl. VAT
correspond to £55.00 per m²
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Product characteristics: Interface Barricade One "4118002 Anthrazite"

Minimum Order 16
Surface Velour
Total Thickness 7,9 mm
Total Weight 4.419 g/m²
Gauge 1/8
Pile Height 4,0 mm
Pile Weight 750 g/m²
Burning Behaviour Cfl-s1
Pile Material 100% Polyamide
Width 50 x 50cm
backing Graphlex®

Product features

The Interface Barricade One collection of entrance matting is the first line of defence against mud and dirt, and at the same time provides an inviting design. These tiles' most notable feature is their capability to retain dirt that would otherwise be carried all the way inside. The robust Barricade One entrance matting are available in three different classic tones that convey a timeless elegance. The Barricade One carpet tiles are decorated in a stylish, two-tone striped pattern. For example, you can choose between a neutral grey that alternates with black stripes of varying thicknesses, as well as brown and dark anthracite in the same pattern. This entrance matting collection displays specially woven fibres - monofilament scrapers - that are extremely resistant, trap dust particles, and maintain their velour look for a prolonged time. You can see that the Barricade One carpet tiles can be welcoming and attractive, and that they are perfect for high traffic areas as protection for indoor flooring and as an optical highlight. Depending on how you lay the Interface carpet tiles, you can obtain a straight design that connotes strictness with a monolithic installation, or you can loosen it up a bit by doing a quarter turn or an ashlar design. Interface Barricade One's durability (EU class 33), high fire safety qualities (Cfl-s1), and their DS slip resistance qualify this entrance matting for use in highly frequented commercial areas. Thanks to Interface's patented Graphlex® backing, the Barricade One carpet tiles have added dimensional stability and can thus be installed quickly, easily and without any adhesives. This way, you do not have to worry about unpleasant residues and you can also use the flooring immediately, as no waiting time is needed. With Interface Barricade One you can effortlessly remove and replace the entire entrance matting or individual tiles due to their flexibility, and the flooring will also be easy to maintain and clean.

Interface Barricade One - the robust entrance matting carpet tiles with an attractive stripe pattern


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