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01264 980370
  • order unit: 12 carpet tiles

Interface Walk The Plank "300304 Maple"

  • Interface Walk The Plank "300304 Maple"
  • Interface Walk The Plank "300304 Maple"
  • Interface Walk The Plank "300304 Maple"
  • Interface Walk The Plank "300304 Maple"

Interface Walk The Plank "300304 Maple"

  • Available in 25 x 100 cm
  • Visually pleasing stripped-design
  • High quality velours-loopät
  • extremely hardwearing (Wearclass 33)
Delivery Charges
£10.00 per order
Delivery Time
8-10 working days
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£10.50 per carpet tile incl. VAT
correspond to £42.00 per m²
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Product characteristics: Interface Walk The Plank "300304 Maple"

Surface Loop Pile
Total Thickness 8,3 mm
Total Weight 4824 g/m²
Pile Height 4,2 mm
Pile Weight 861 g/m²
Burning Behaviour Bfl-s1
Pile Material 100% Polyamide
Width 25 x 100 cm
backing Bitumen Coating
Dimensional Stability ≤ 0,2 %

Product features

Interface `Walk the Plank` is an unique addition to the market.  Although it is features wise a normal carpet tile, it is available in a plank form (25cm x 100cm) as opposed to the standard carpet tile measurements (50 x 50cm).  Once you have installed in your home or office, Interface `Walk the Plank` will create the impression of a  wooden flooring, but will have all the comfort that you would expect from a standard carpet tile. There are 12 different colours available in the Interface `Walk the Plank` range, all of which can be either combined with each other, or laid individually as one floor.  With a wide range of choice available to you, you are sure to find a colour and style that will compliment and fit in to your intended space.  For those who are in the market for a wooden design, Interface `Walk the Plank` have a range of different shades and tones available, all based on natural tones; light, dark, warm and neutral variations.  Alongside this range of colours, Interface `Walk the Plank` afford you the further possibility to personalise your floor.  Through a slight, but perceptible colour nuance in the strips, and the loop properties inherent to the Tip-Sheared-Method, a straight and organised look successfully imitates the natural effect of a wooden floor.  Interface `Walk the Plank` is available as a 25 x 100cm tile, this creates the opportunity for the customer to install Interface `Walk the Plank` in a range of different styles, allowing you to choose from  a range of creative and visually impressive styles and designs.  Whether you decide to go with an Ashlar, Herringbone or another type of laying style, you have the option when choosing a carpet tile from this collection. These Interface carpet tiles are made from 100% recycled polyamide, strengthening its organic properties.  Polyamide is an especially strong material, which strengthens the carpet tile, improving its resilience (wear class of 33), meaning that it is suitable for installing in offices and areas that expect to have a higher than average footfall.  Interface `Walk the Plank` is also suitable for use with castor wheeled chairs and is fire resistant (Cfl s1), along with its exceptional luxurious finish (luxury class 2) and design oriented visual appearance, Interface Urban Retreat 501 is the perfect carpet tile for your home or office.  Interface `Walk the Plank` is also equipped with sound proofing properties (27dB), providing an improved working and living environment.  Interface Urban Retreat 501 is also slip proof, in case things get a little too hectic around the office or home. Interface `Walk the Plank` plank design means a higher dimension stability, making sure that your floor will stay in place.  The plank design, when laid in a particular fashion, can also create the impression of a broadloom carpet. Interface `Walk the Plank` successfully succeeds creating a wooden floor.


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