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  • minimum order quantity: 4 Package

Joka 532 ND Skyline "5584 Core Oak Beige V4" Laminate Flooring

  • Joka 532 ND Skyline "5584 Core Oak Beige V4" Laminate Flooring
  • Joka 532 ND Skyline "5584 Core Oak Beige V4" Laminate Flooring

Joka 532 ND Skyline "5584 Core Oak Beige V4"

  • Wear Class 32 rating
  • 1380 x 193mm, 8mm thick
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Installation with ProConnect system
  • 100% Recyclable material
Delivery Charges
£20.00 per order
Delivery Time
10-12 working days
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£36.10 per package incl. VAT
correspond to £16.95 per m²
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Product characteristics: Joka 532 ND Skyline "5584 Core Oak Beige V4"

Minimum Order 4
Style Cottage finish
Wood Look Oak
Colouring Medium
Design Medium wood
Amount per Box 8 Panels = 2.13 m²
dimensions 1380 x 193 x 8 mm
Total Thickness 8 mm
Bevel Circumferential bevel (V-4)
Fire Behaviour Bfl-s1 (B1)

Product features

Joka Deluxe 532 ND Skyline laminate is a luxurious choice for any space. Available in sizes 1285 x 192 x 8mm and 1380 x 193 x 8mm, the collection comes in a majestic and stately manner. Thanks to the different variants of wood available (Oak, Walnut, Spruce old, ancient oak) and the 18 shades offered. Ranging from the most common and classic shades such as light beige to the warmer shades of brown, to offer the right plank for your environment. Joka laminates are as functional as they are beautiful. The HDF laminated plank is durable and made from renewable resources. Just like all the other collections of the manufacturer, this model comes with a functional and easy to use interlocking system, for fast and uncomplicated installation. Joka laminates is integrated with the ProConenct interlocking installation system., characterized by an efficient system of male / female joints that weld the planks together with ease. You will not need the use of any particular type of instrument or any professional help. No less important is the resistance to wear and everyday use. This AC4 laminate is Class 32, insuring the endurance and quality of your laminate flooring ! Order a sample of Joka Deluxe Laminate Skyline ND 532, it's free!


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