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Joka Novum "77" carpet

Joka Novum

Joka Novum "77"

  • 100% Polyester

  • Textile backing

  • Elegant and Luxurious High-Quality Carpet

  • Available in 4m and 5m Widths

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£18.80 per m²
Shipping: £29.50 per order
Delivery time: 7-10 working days
incl. VAT
correspond to £18.80 per m²
  • Available Breite 4m, 5m
Product highlights
  • Suitable for Staircases (Private Sector)
    Suitable for Staircases (Private Sector)
  • NK 22+
    NK 22+
  • LC4
  • Suitable for Underfloor Heating
    Suitable for Underfloor Heating
  • Antistatic Treatment
    Antistatic Treatment
  • DS
  • The Blue Angel
    The Blue Angel
  • CE marking
    CE marking
  • GUT Certified Quality
    GUT Certified Quality
  • Cfl-s1
Joka Novum "77"

The Joka Novum carpet range is part of the Sprint17 collection and, together with the Joka Novum carpet range, it is the most exquisite assortment of carpets that Joka offers in their Sprint17 collection. The 12 elegant colour options range from subtle pastel colours and calming earth tones to classy blues and royal reds, all of which represent the elegance and charm of this supreme carpet range. The Joka Novum carpet range offers you all the choices you need to create your very own individual and luxurious atmosphere of homeliness and, since quality never goes out of style, this exquisite carpet will continue to enrich your home for many years to come. However, the Joka Novum has many other advantages that reach way beyond its visual beauty.

All carpets generate a warm and cosy atmosphere, which is why they have been so popular for literally thousands of years. And with this supreme carpet, it might even end up saving you money: it has been shown that Joka Novum carpets improve thermal insulation in your home and also influence your individual perception of how warm (or cold) you feel in your home. The difference in your heating bill can amount to a staggering 12%! Further advantages are the reduction of slip hazards in your home and the antistatic properties of the Joka Novum, which prevent static charges that might otherwise influence your electronic devices such as printers or simply result in the uncomfortable sensation of small static discharges upon touch. With this supreme carpet, all of this belongs in the past. But most importantly, the Joka Novcum creates an elegant and classy atmosphere of warmth and homeliness that will make your house become a home.

Data sheet
backing Textile Backing
Construction Curly Velour
Total Weight 1940g/m²
Width Available 4m, 5m
Pile Weight 1040g/m²
Total Thickness 10.5mm
Thermal Resistance 0.06m²(K/W)
Usage Domestic
Impact Noise Reduction 23dB
Tuft Density 156000/m²
Light Fastness ≥ 5
Pile Material 100% Polyester

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