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  • order unit: 22 carpet tiles

Milliken Fixation "XN06"

Milliken Fixation "XN06"

  • 10 years warranty on wear-out
  • Suitable for residential and commercial sectors
  • BRE-, CRI-, and GuT-certificate
  • Antimicrobial treatment

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Delivery Charges
£10.00 per order
Delivery Time
3-5 working days (if available)
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£7.13 per carpet tile incl. VAT
correspond to £28.52 per m²
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Product characteristics: Milliken Fixation "XN06"

Surface Loop Pile
Total Thickness 8.4mm
Total Weight 3700g/m² (contains 12% recycled material)
Pile Height 3.0mm
Pile Weight 410g/m²
Impact Noise Reduction 34dB
Burning Behaviour Bfl-s1
Pile Material 100% Nylon
Width 50 x 50cm
backing Cushion Backing (Including 85% Recycled Open-cell Polyurethane Foam!)

Product features

Milliken Fixation’s modern stripe designs will add a touch of individual style to your home. The carpet tiles contain an impressive amount of innovative technical properties: The high quality Nylon is extremely wear and dirt resistant, as well as moisture-repellent. Thus, the tiles are perfect for highly frequented areas. Additionally, the environmentally patented foam backing will improve the indoor air quality. Apart from these technical benefits, you also have a broad spectrum of 84 different colours to choose from. There is certainly a look for any desire and preference. In addition, Milliken carpet tiles offer you an amazing 12-year wear warranty on this product. 

Once your order is placed, the carpet tiles will then be individually produced for you. Therefore, the estimated delivery time is approximately 14 days.