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  • order unit: 16 carpet tiles

Milliken Fringe "FRN18 Square Mile"

Milliken Fringe "FRN18 Square Mile"

  • Tufted, Luxury Textured Loop Pile
  • With StainSmart (pollution protection, stain resistant)
  • Extremely durable product (15 years warranty)

>>> See Milliken Fringe now in digital room view <<<

Delivery Charges
£10.00 per order
Delivery Time
3-5 working days (if available)
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£11.90 per carpet tile incl. VAT
correspond to £47.60 per m²
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Product characteristics: Milliken Fringe "FRN18 Square Mile"

Surface Loop Pile
Total Thickness 10.7 mm
Total Weight 3990 g/m² (contains 17% recycled material)
Gauge 47.2 / 10 cm
Pile Height 5.0 mm
Pile Weight 930 g/m²
Impact Noise Reduction 33 dB
Burning Behaviour Cfl-s1
Pile Material 100% Nylon
Width 50 x 50cm
backing Cushion Backing (Including 90% Recycled Open-cell Polyurethane Foam!)

Product features

Fringe, part of Milliken Urban Collective is a very original selection with 12 different colour variations and an interest arousing design. There are mostly nuances of grey and beige that can be chosen from, including some darker shades and one that is black. As the name already indicates, the design consist of multiple fringes that cross through each other in a horizontal and vertical pathing, generating a coherent ensemble that can give a fresh and urban look to any floor. The surface or this carpet tile is extremely durable and wear resistant. Subsequently, the robust manufacturing process intensifies the stability of the individual pieces ensuring that no problems arise from fraying or unravelling. Milliken Fringe is perfectly suitable for heavy commercial use (class 33), implementable in large commercial areas, such as office buildings or entrance halls. The product is non-flammable according to EU standards, has a strong Nylon surface and ComfortPlus² standard backing. It is a unique modular carpet backing system, which provides several benefits, such as absorbing the effects of wear and sound, keeping Milliken carpet tiles for a longer time in better shape.