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  • order unit: 20 carpet tiles

Carpet Tile Modulyss Minimum100 "90E" natural flooring

Modulyss Minimum100 "90E"

  • The natural carpet tile
  • Very eco-friendly
  • 100% recycled yarn
Delivery Charges
£10.00 per order
Delivery Time
6-8 working days (if available)
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£8.75 per carpet tile incl. VAT
correspond to £35.00 per m²
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Product characteristics: Modulyss Minimum100 "90E"

Castor Chair Rating Suitable
Surface Velour Loop Pile
Total Thickness 7.8mm
Thermal Insulation Resistance 0.049m²K/W
Total Weight 4550g/m²
Pile Height 4.2mm
Pile Weight 850g/cm²
Impact Noise Reduction 43dB
Burning Behaviour Bfl-s1
Pile Material 100% Polyamide
Light Fastness ≥ 7
Width 50 x 50cm
backing Bitumen Coating
Dimensional Stability max. 0.2%

Product features

“Minimum100” is Modulyss’ flagship in terms of sustainability and eco-friendliness. First of all, the tip sheared carpet tiles are made from 100% recycled yarn. The striped loop pile design is inspired by nature and kept in forest colour schemes which reflect the environmental credentials of this product. The 8 different colours can be combined to create a unique interior design. Equipped with excellent features for high-traffic areas and an outstanding resilience, the “Minimum100” carpet tiles can be installed in the busiest office. The environmental performance will help in turning your premises “green"; in combination with the high durability, “Minimum100” will boast impressive sustainability at every level!