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Self-adhesive Carpet Tiles "Brown"

Self-adhesive Carpet Tiles "Brown"

  • A simple needle felt tile in a 40 x 40cm format
  • Adhesive backing: Remove the film and press the tile on the floor – that’s it!
  • Extremely reasonable price: only ₤1.00 per tile = ₤6.25 per m²
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Delivery Charges
£10.00 per order
Delivery Time
4-6 working days
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£1.00 per carpet tile incl. VAT
correspond to £6.25 per m²
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Product characteristics: Self-adhesive Carpet Tiles "Brown"

Surface Needle Felt (adhesive)
Total Thickness 3.5mm
Pile Weight 600g/m²
Pile Material 100% Polypropylene
Width 40 x 40cm
backing Self-adhesive

Product features

These carpet tiles carry many benefits, such as easy transportation, low cost, simple DIY installation and impact noise improvement. They come in a handy size of 40cm x 40cm and are suitable for domestic use. Everyone has rooms in their home that are not specifically living areas, e.g. attics or basements. Self-adhesive carpet tiles are perfect for those places, since they are laid without any effort and can greatly improve the room for little cost. The pile material consists of 100% Polypropylene, ensuring a sturdy and quality surface. This product is available in 7 different colours and exceptionally well-priced at £1.00 per tile (£6.25 /m²). As the name already suggests, the carpet tiles are self-adhesive, which essentially means that all you have to do is remove the film on the backing and stick them on the ground. Once you have done that they will lay solidly on the ground and you have a new flooring.


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