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Stoneplex Concrete 1

Stoneplex Concrete 1

  • Hand-Crafted replications with mineral fillers
  • Three-Dimensional without any repeat of patterns
  • Flexible, on reels
  • Free from PVC, plasticisers and solvents
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Delivery Time
8-10 working days
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£270.00 per roll incl. VAT
correspond to £96.43 per m
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Product characteristics: Stoneplex Concrete 1

dimensions 280 x 100cm (2.8m² per roll)
Thickness 2 - 4mm
Basis Weight 3.20kg/m²

Product features

Stoneplex Concrete is a structured, high-quality, designer wall covering for exclusive interior wall surfaces i.e. hotels, offices, living areas, galleries. It is suitable for hanging on a variety of subsurfaces, including brick-work, all types of plaster, concrete, fibre cement, drywall, etc.

Stoneplex Concrete is a flexible replication, made with mineral fillers. The robust and true-to-nature surface has sound-absorbing and heat insulating capabilities. Due to the natural different outcomes that are hard to controlled, each roll of wallpaper may have a slight variations in structure and colour. Giving rise to each roll being unique, and meaning that Stoneplex Concrete is truely designed by nature.


Further information:


Technical data sheet

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