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  • TacTiles BRICOFLOR
  • TacTiles BRICOFLOR
  • TacTiles BRICOFLOR

TacTiles Carpet Tile Adhesive

  • Installation system that requires no glue
  • Usable with all carpet tiles
  • Easy installation
  • Only £0.25 per TacTile
Delivery Charges
£5.00 per order
Delivery Time
3-5 working days
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£0.25 per unit incl. VAT
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Product characteristics: TacTiles Carpet Tile Adhesive

dimensions 75mm x 75mm
Consumption 4-5 TacTiles per sqm
Size of trading unit individual adhesive strips

Product features

TacTiles is a revolutionary installation system for carpet tiles that requires no glue. Using TacTiles, you fix the individual tiles firmly to each other, without sticking them to the ground, creating a tightly bonded unity of carpet tiles. This way you avoid using glue, which results in higher air quality since there are no fumes or unpleasant odours.

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