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  • width available: 4m, 5m

Carpet Vorwerk Bingo "8F90" BRICOFLOR

Vorwerk Bingo "8F90"

  • Single coloured Velour carpet
  • Made from 100% high quality Polyimide yarn
  • Suitable for both castor wheeled chairs, and staircases
  • Suitable for people with allergies
Delivery Charges
£29.50 per order
Delivery Time
7-10 working days
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£63.80 per linear metre incl. VAT
correspond to £15.95 per m²

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Product characteristics: Vorwerk Bingo "8F90"

backing Fleece Backing
Construction Velour
Total Weight 1150g/m²
Width Available 4m, 5m
Pile Weight 420g/m²
Total Thickness 6.6mm
Gauge 5/64"
Thermal Resistance 0.12m²K/W
Usage Domestic
Pile Height 3.5mm
Impact Noise Reduction 24dB
Tuft Density 290000/m²
Pile Material 100% Polyamide

Product features

Vorwerk Bingo comes in 22 distinct, warm colours, guaranteed to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in your home.  Made from 100% high quality polyamide yarn, the single colour, soft velour carpet is suitable for both castor wheeled chairs, and to be installed on staircases, meaning that it can be used in every room in the home.  Vorwerk Bingo is one of Vorwerks most popular carpets, due in part to its rating of ‘Excellent’ from the magazine ‘Öko-Test’ (November 2010).  Vorwerk Bingo has an Ecoback backing, allowing for a light and easy installation process.  Vorwerk Bingo is also suitable for people with allergies. 

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