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  • width available: 4m

Teppichboden Vorwerk Contura Design "9D54" BRICOFLOR

  • Teppichboden Vorwerk Contura Design "9D54" BRICOFLOR
  • Teppichboden Vorwerk Contura Design BRICOFLOR
  • Teppichboden Vorwerk Contura Design BRICOFLOR
  • Teppichboden Vorwerk Contura Design BRICOFLOR
  • Teppichboden Vorwerk Contura Design BRICOFLOR

Vorwerk Contura Design "9D54"

  • Modern design
  • Subtle, mottled carpet, available in a range of classic colours
  • Suitable for castor wheeled chairs and stairs
  • Yarn made of 100% Polyamide
Delivery Charges
£29.50 per order
Delivery Time
7-10 working days
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£167.80 per linear metre incl. VAT
correspond to £41.95 per m²
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Product characteristics: Vorwerk Contura Design "9D54"

backing Textile Backing
Construction Tufted pile
Total Weight 1690g/m²
Width Available 4m
Pile Weight 690g/m²
Total Thickness 5.7mm
Gauge 1/12
Thermal Resistance 0.06m²K/W
Usage Commercial, Domestic
Pile Height 3.5mm
Impact Noise Reduction 24dB
Tuft Density 132000/m²
Pile Material 100% Polyester

Product features

Vorwerk Contura Design is a finely crafted loop pile carpet, which is available in 6 unique designs. The collection is part of Vorwerk’s Projection range and all designs feature a modern shade of grey as a base, which is combined with shimmery yarn in green or blue to create an exciting contrast. This premium broadloom is suitable for heavy commercial use (Wear Class 33), making it the ideal choice for busy offices, modern showrooms and cosy hotel rooms. There are many reasons why this flooring solution is extremely resilient: Firstly, the yarn is made of 100% PA 6, a strong polyamide material that makes for a long-lasting product whose colours will not fade. Additionally, this Vorwerk carpet features texback® contract, a premium backing that substantially increases stability. With a pile height of 2.5 mm, this carpet is extremely sturdy and even castor wheeled chairs will not have any effect on the surface and this resilience, in combination with the carpet’s anti-static properties, makes Contura Design by Vorwerk the ideal choice for offices. The impact sound insulation (21 dB) quietens noise from adjacent rooms and creates a calm and welcoming atmosphere in any room, whether residential or commercial. Vorwerk is a renowned German company with more than 130 years of experience in carpet making and the company focuses on the environmentally friendly production of their carpets. Contura Design is a prime example of the company’s eco-friendly mindset, as this collection (as well as other collection in the Vorwerk Projection range) is very low in emissions (A+) and bears numerous international eco-product labels (e.g. GuT and the CRI Green Label Plus). 

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