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AS Création: High quality wallpaper produced in Europe

AS Création is a European wallpaper manufacturer renowned worldwide for the exceptional quality and diversity of their wallpapers. AS Création is based in Germany and specialises in creating high quality designs with practical applications. They have manufactured high-end wallpapers since 1974. The brand AS Création strives to create high-end wallpapers that are innovative and elegant, giving you the best quality product possible. Each year AS Création produces over 6000 different wallpapers as well as designing new designs. One of the hallmarks of AS Création is their partnerships with the well known brand, NAF NAF. Thispartnerships allow AS Création to incorporate exceptional designs tailored to the brand.

AS Création


Naf Naf




AS Création offers both exceptional quality and innovative design

If you are looking for a high quality wallpaper, you will find it in the AS Création brand. AS Création produces all types of wallpapers ranging from non-woven, vinyl, paper, satin and textured. Each style of wallpaper has its peculiarities in application, maintenance, and removal. As these wallpapers are made in Germany, you will not be surprised to see the high quality and practicality of the AS Création brand. The colours of the AS Création product ranges are varied, ranging from bright, sparkling colours to deep, warm designs.

AS Création partners with NAF NAF to provide branded designs

AS Création has partnered with several brands with the intent to produce exceptional wallpapers to reflect their brand. NAF NAF also has a selection of AS Création wallpaper designs, which truly reflect the spirit of the Naf Naf brand.

AS Création exceeds environental regulations

AS Création surpasses the European and International standards and regulations when it comes to environemntal standards. AS Création is commited to an A+ rating, ensuring extremely low pollution rates. The colouring for AS Création wallpapers is a waterbased paint, which is designed to be non-poluuting. They also make efforts to produce their wallpapers using sustainable protection and takes additional effort to protect the sustainability of forests. With AS Création you can be sure you are investing in an environmentally responsible company.

AS Création offers a wide selection of designs and colourways

AS Création offers a wide variety of wallpapers so you can be sure you are getting the greatest range of options when it comes to decorating your home. Here at BRICOFLOR we offer many of AS Création’s most popular wallpaper designs such as Dekora Natur, which features colourful and simple natural designs. AS Creation offers the Bohemian Burlesque collection, which incorporates fun designs into an elegant and luxurious wallpaper collection. These are just a few of the many AS Création wallpaper collections availabe on the BRICOFLOR website. No matter what design or style you are looking for, you are sure to find it within the collections from AS Création.

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